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The Infinity part of the project refers to either LENL's vain attempt to have a lasting effect on the world or finding the time required to complete the project.
(I will be updating my site soon, I promise. But until then you can still find the hat party, Wine and Cheese Teddybears Picnic and Tassie trip photos.)
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LENL's Infinity Project involves many things...


The playing of and creating for many games including:
Traveller; Fudge; Mage Knight; On The Edge; Other Role-playing; and Other Card.
Check out the regular Sundays Gaming Day or the Tuesday Knights role playing group.


The creation of programs in Java, Visual Basic and Perl including:
A Staff Phonebook for the Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library Corporation (PERL); MultiTester, a multiple choice test creation, taking and marking tool. (Visual Basic); and The YarraNet 'On This Day' pages. (PERL)

Web Pages

Many sites have been created as part of LENL's nefarious plans.
Community Music Victorias Web Site; Their Newsletter SHOUT!; The YarraNet Site; and Yarraonline Internet Training


The playing of drums and involvement in many bands.
No current band. Previous bands are: 'The Grape Grazing band'; Unit 6; No-One You've Heard Of, Dreamcraft and Malaclypse III.

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