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Regina Subsector [Spinward Marches]

Map siphoned from The Traveller Map with permission

Systems With References

1706 Alell
2308 Algine
2204 Beck's World
1904 Boughene
2201 Dentus
1705 Efate
2205 Enope
2005 Feri
1808 Forboldn
1909 Hefry
2402 Heya
2410 Inthe
1810 Jenghe
2405 Keng
2202 Kinorb
1807 Knorbes
1803 Menorb
2406 Moughas
1903 Pixie
2106 Pscias
1910 Regina
2408 Rethe
2007 Roup
1809 Ruie
2306 Shionthy
1805 Uakye
1806 Whanga
2207 Wochiers
2303 Yorbund
2110 Yori
1802 Yres
2309 Yurst
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CT:B7p11 Sinzarmes (Subsector-Wide Company), Oberlindes (Interface Line), UTP (Uakye Trading Partners)(Fledgling Line)
CT:S3The Regina Subsector, 1105 Data
CT:S8Library Data: Fourth Frontier War
CT:A01100 Data
CT:A1p1 Location; Rumors N,V; The Regina Subsector: 1105 Data; Library Data: Battle of the Two Suns 1084, Forboldn Project, General Shipyards, Oberlindes Lines, Tree Kraken
CT:A2Vanejen: Historical Background; Library Data: Fourth Frontier War
CT:A3The Spinward Main: Some 1105 Data; Rumors: The Octagon Book; Rumors: Hefry; Library Data: Fourth Frontier War, Oberlindes Lines; The Octagon Book; The Epic
CT:A7Standards and Assumptions
CT:A12Regina Subsector: Data; The Pocket Universe: Access to the Pocket Universe
CT:DA7The Regina Subsector: 1111 Data
CT:FFWTNS Regina/Regina 101-1105, Regina/Regina 186-1106, Ruie/Regina 003-1107
CT:TTBInto the Subsector: Casual Encounter: Shawna; Regina Subsector: 1105 Data; Library Data: Forboldn, Oberlindes Lines, Regina Subsector, Spinward Main
CT:TTAThe Spinward Marches: Aramis Subsector; Patrons: Pyramids; Transport Companies of Aramis: Oberlindes; Library Data: Oberlindes Lines
CT:AM5The Ancients: Artifacts: Imperial Researches
CT:TARWorld Data: Library Data: Frontier Wars
CT:BELTLibrary Data: Robin; Characters: Eneri Shulamikar
CT:SMCp9 The Siege of Efate; p10 The Abyss Campaign; p11 The Vargr Campaign; p11 The Sword Worlds Campaign; p19 Regina Subsector; p22 1110 Data; p33 154th Battle Rider Squadron
CT:JTAS2TNS Regina/Regina 101-1105
CT:JTAS6TNS Regina/Regina 186-1106
CT:JTAS7TNS Ruie/Regina 003-1107
CT:JTAS16TNS Regina/Regina 029-1109
CT:JTAS19TNS Revisited Regina/Regina 029-1109
CT:JTAS23TNS Quar/Cronor 092-1111
CT:CH25TNS Quar/Cronor 092-1112; The Darrian Way of Life
MT:CH38Monitor Class Scout
TNE:SMp4 Quote from Norris
TNE:CRp172 1201 Data
TNE:RSp38 1117 and 1202 Information
GT:CRLibrary Data: Fourth Frontier War, General Shipyards LIC, Outworld Coalition
GT:BTCp78 Regina Subsector; p78 GURPS 1120 Data
GT:H1p31 Regina Free Rangers bounty-hunting organisation operates in subsector
GT:SWHistory: The Gram Fleet
GT:NOBThe Imperial Nobility: Duchies of the Spinward Marches; Biographies: Archduke Norris of Deneb
MGT:B6-SCp45 'Black' Ferghus
MGT:A2-PPp29 6724 Jaime Giligis; p122 Spice Harvesting
MGT:TI-SMp39 Overview of the Spinward Marches; p50 Military; p52 General Shipyards; p53 Oberlindes; p62 Jewell; p66 Regina Subsector; p68 1105 Data
MGT:TI-DSp18 Timeline
MGT:AC-GAS1p14 Fast Couriers Operating in the Spinward Marches: Rawlins; p15 Adventure Seed: The Jewell Scatter Campaign
MGT:AC-GAS1-5b1 p16 Fast Couriers Operating in the Spinward Marches: Rawlins; p17 Adventure Seed: The Jewell Scatter Campaign; b3 p5 4th Frontier War; p33 Adventure Seed: Disaster Relief Vessel Celestine
MGT:MHP-TBMp20 Library Data: Fourth Frontier War
FZ:XB01p6 Hangar 12: Slade Mark I Frontier Raider (cont); p20 Hangar 12: Patrol Corvette
FZ:XB02p16 Voughon & Saarik Protocol Robot
FZ:XB-SS01p7 Bwap

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