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Spinward Marches Sector

Map siphoned from The Traveller Map with permission



CT:B7p9 Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr (Aslan Interface Line), Thyo Supud (Droyne Free Trader); p11 Al Morai (Sector-Wide Company), Jamison Factors (Free Trader); p13 Rraegnaell Oukh (Vargr Interface Line); p14 Theriani (Darrian Free Trader), Talisman (Sword Worlds Free Trader)
CT:S31105 Data and Information
CT:S8Library Data: Civil War
CT:S11Library Data: Spinward Main, Vargr Extents, Zhodani; p38 History of the Spinward Marches
CT:A0The Imperial Fringe (Adventure); The Spinward Marches; Library Data: Frontier Wars; 1100 Data
CT:A1Battle Cruisers; Library Data: Ancients
CT:A2Library Data: Fourth Frontier War
CT:A3Library Data: Ancients, Aslan, Fourth Frontier War, Oberlindes Lines, Octagon Society, Solomani Rim War, Spinward Main; The Octagon Book; The Epic
CT:A4Situations: The Baraccai Technum, Exploration Contract (Adventure Start); Leviathan Class Merchant Cruisers: Dispositions; Library Data: Da Santos Bennet Lai
CT:A10Plans for a Safari: Kafla Thingvellir
CT:A12Known Data: Site Locations
CT:TTBTraveller's Guide to the Universe: The Spinward Marches; Library Data: Civil War, Directions Galactic, Frontier Wars, Octagon Society, Spinward Main, Spinward Marches
CT:TTAThe Spinward Marches; Library Data: Ancients, Imperiallines, Oberlindes Lines, Trake, Vargr Extents
CT:SMCp22 Spinward Marches Data 1110; p31 Al Morai: Route Service; p33 154th Battle Rider Squadron; p38 The 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment
CT:AM3p7 Language and Naming; p11 Vargr in the Imperium; p12 Standard Ship Designs
CT:AM4p9 The Frontier Wars; p10 Zhodani Sectors, Zhodani Sectors: Provinces: Iakr Nsobl; Vlezpridliashav: Synopsis (Adventure), Referee's Notes
CT:AM5The Rise of the Droyne: The Droyne Homeworld; The History of the Droyne: The Ancient Period: Extent, The Modern Period: Contact; Droyne Worlds in Charted Space (Map)
CT:AM8Who are the Darrians?: The Darrian Cultural Heritage, Darrian Art; History of the Darrian People: The Coming of the Solomani, Rebuilding the Confederation: The Sword Worlds, Meetings With the Zhodani; Library Data: Darrian Confederation; Darrian Timeline
CT:TARWorld Data: p11 The Rise of the Imperium, p16 Chronology, Library Data: Frontier Wars, Spinward Main; Characters: Orinde Windhoek
CT:BELTSystem Reference: p7 The Rise of the Imperium, The War Period, p8 The Frontier Wars, Chronology; Library Data: Glisten, Spinward Main
CT:JTAS9The Battle Fleets of the Marches
CT:JTAS16SuSAG: SuSAG in the Spinward Marches
CT:JTAS17Random Notes: Solomani
CT:JTAS18Random Notes: Vargr
CT:JTAS19Suggestions for Martial Arts Combat in Traveller: Example
CT:JTAS22Casual Encounter: Enli Iddukagan Journalist
CT:BOTJ4SuSAG: SuSAG in the Spinward Marches
CT:CH25TNS Dentus/Regina 063-1112
CT:CH27Fighter Profile: The Rampart IV and V; Small Cargos: Wolfe's Blackstreak
CT:CH30TNS Regina/Regina 330-1116; Fall of the Imperium
MT:CH38Monitor Class Scout
MT:CH43Leyna Tirenthe: Setting; Griszoung
TNE:SMp89 Regency Campaign
T4:MZCp113 First Zhodani Contact with Imperial Traders; p114 Settlement of the Spinward Marches
GT:CRLibrary Data: Behind the Claw, Civil War, Corridor, Deneb Domain of, Great Rift, Main, Octagon Society, Outworld Coalition, Third Imperium, Vargr Extents, Zhodani
GT:SMp23 Sylean Rangers Organisation; p24 S-3 Scouts Organisation
GT:BTCp4-23 Recent History of the Spinward Marches; p4 The Structure of Government
GT:HUMAnswerin: Adventure Seed: Forbidden Fruit, Answerin Mercenary Companies; Darrians: The Coming of the Solomani, The Darrian Explosion: Darrian Exploration and The Golden Age, Rebuilding the Darrian Community, Darrian Art; Geonee: Encountering the Geonee
GT:SSp16 Other Naval Vessels; p58 That's Entertainment (Story); p98 Azhanti High Lightning Class 60000-ton Frontier Cruiser; p99 Kokirrak-Class 200000-ton Dreadnought; p101 Tigress-Class 500000-ton Dreadnought
GT:SWWorlds: Anduril (The Planet); Library Data: Border Worlds Commission, Chernozem, Greve Henrik II Universitet, Hendrik Thorfinsson Valdemar, Piracy, Talisman
GT:NOBThe Imperial Nobility: Noble Ranks (Viscount), Duchies of the Spinward Marches, Imperial Protocol (Forms of Address: Barons); Duties and Responsibilities: The High Nobility (Sector and Subsector Dukes), The Imperial Moot (Local Assemblies); Biographies: Prince Varian, Archduke Norris of Deneb, Duchess Delphine Muudashir of Mora, Baroness Jynel Haut-Kurshar, The Oberlindes Family; Campaigns: p142 Rivalry in the Spinward Marches
GT:PIp15 Imperial Institutes; p16 Spinward Marches Institute; p23 Law Enforcement (cont); p26 Preparing for War; p29 Shivers; p33 Psionic Corporations: Spinward Shipping Solutions; p39 Plitsiepr's Fist
GT:TNSFeri/Spinward Marches 228-1122, Mora/Spinward Marches 175-1123, Capital/Core 214-1123, Excalibur/Sword Worlds 041-1124
T20:YCVCAgainst Gravity: Fast Attack Sled
BITS:PPEVlezhdatl class Pocket Strike Cruiser
BITS:PPFKokirrak Class Dreadnaught; Plankwell Class Dreadnaught
MGT:B6-SCp35 The Vriterbei
MGT:S07-1001p210 Zeep-a-teek
MGT:A2-PP p69 Rumour 65
MGT:TI-SMThe Spinward Marches; p17 The Imperium Today; p52 Al Morai
MGT:TI-DSp11 Imperial Colonisation (0 to 600) (cont); p12 The Civil War (+600 to 629); p19 Timeline (cont); p26 The Humbolts; p27 Hortalez et Cie
MGT:AC-GAS1p5 The Type CF Fast Courier
MGT:AC-GAS1-5b1 p5 The Type CF Fast Courier; b3 p4 Spinward Marches; b5 p4 Spinward Marches
MGT:AC-FGp7 Spinward Marches Sector
MGT:AC-TSp6 The Third Imperium; p7 Spinward Marches Sector
MGT:LO-A1p1 Spinward Marches Sector
T5:IL7TNS 261-1099 Capital/Core 2118
FZ:FT006Up Close and Personal: Jayson McPhearson
FZ:FT018Up Close and Personal: Trey Kowalksie
FZ:SR05p15 Minor Races of Charted Space: The Iper'Mar; p16 Clans: Far Deneb

Other Information

Known as Tloql to the Zhodani.



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