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Capital (Sylea)/Core [2118 Core]

Map siphoned from The Traveller Map with permission

System Data

Capital 2118 A586A98-F B Hi Cx (Syleans)5 605 Im G2 V

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RemarksHi Cx (Syleans)5
StarsG2 V
ExtensionsImportance:{ 4 } Economy:(H9G+4) Culture:[AE5F]
Resource Units9792


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GT:IWp217 Indomitable Class 30000 DTON Battleship
T20:LWIntroduction: A Potted History
BITS:SD Space Dogs (adventure)
BITS:PPEp1 Quote; The Traveller Universe: Vilani
BITS:PPFp1 Quote; The Traveller Universe: Vilani
MGT:TI-SMp15 The Third Imperium; p43 The Imperium in the Marches
MGT:TI-DSp12 The Civil War (+600 to 629)
MGT:TI-MAM1-LUp14 Ariaryn Oireel; p50 Brandon James Caroline Minomoru Fierana Archduke of Gateway; p52 Afira Imelda Brandon Minomoru Minomoru Lady of Gateway; p52 Sharik Diikhu, Conspiracy Theorist and Amatuer Art Historian
FZ:FT002p27 Up Close and Personal: Dain Aakhen Thrangar
T5:IL7p10 Akrin Masankadi si-Tida*ii Baron of Regina; p11 Lakash Zaadsi Baron of Regina, Term 4; TNS 202-1099 Capital/Core 2118, TNS 261-1099 Capital/Core 2118
T5:AOTICh1-3,9,23,26,29,Epilogue Agent of the Imperium (Story); Ch1-3 336 Data; Ch9 462 Data; Ch23,26 621 Data; Ch27 622 Data; Ch29 629 Data; Epilogue: 736 Data; Catalogue of Worlds: Data
FZ:FR1p40 Sing Systems
FZ:ITD04p16 Reavers' Deep Timeline

Other Information

Originally called Sylea.

Gas giant in system called Zhimaway.



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