Traveller Canon: Efate/Regina [1705 Spinward Marches]

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Efate/Regina [1705 Spinward Marches]

Map siphoned from The Traveller Map with permission

System Data

1705 Efate A646930-D Hi In 810 B Im K4 V

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RemarksHi In An
StarsF8 V
ExtensionsImportance:{ 5 } Economy:(B8H+1) Culture:[4E18]
Resource Units1496


CT:B7p11 Sinzarmes (Subsector-Wide Company); p11 UTP (Uakye Trading Partners)(Fledgling Line)
CT:S31105 Data
CT:S6Patron 2 (Start)
CT:S6Ticket XVI (Mercenary Ticket)
CT:A01100 Data
CT:A1The Kinunir(Adventure Start); Rumors D,K,N,Z; The Regina Subsector: 1105 Data; Library Data: Battle of the Two Suns 1084, General Shipyards
CT:A2Vanejen: Historical Background
CT:A3The Epic
CT:A12Regina Subsector: Data; Artifacts and Ancient Sites: Known Sites
CT:DA7Adventure Information: Linradis The IGS Engineering Laboratory; The Regina Subsector: 1111 Data
CT:FFWTNS Regina/Regina 201-1105, Regina/Regina 274-1105, Pixie/Regina 241-1105, Regina/Regina 004-1106, Efate/Regina 148-1106, Ruie/Regina 003-1107, Efate/Regina 078-1107, Regina/Regina 054-1107, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 204-1107; Zhodani Order of Battle; Imperial Order of Battle
CT:TTBRegina Subsector: 1105 Data; Library Data: Efate, Spinward Main
CT:AM5The Ancients: Artifacts: Imperial Researches
CT:TARWorld Data: Library Data: Frontier Wars; Characters: Anicia Pantabreve, Sten Commarre, Talia Calcidor
CT:SMCp9 The Road to War; p9 The Opening Moves; p9 The Siege of Efate; p10 The Siege of Jewell; p10 The Abyss Campaign; p16 Provincial Governor Dlafl Shtaaliajtlas; p16 Timeline for The Fifth Frontier War; p22 1110 Data; p33 154th Battle Rider Squadron: Fifth Frontier War; p38 The 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment
CT:JTAS3TNS Regina/Regina 201-1105
CT:JTAS4TNS Regina/Regina 274-1105, Pixie/Regina 241-1105
CT:JTAS5TNS Regina/Regina 004-1106
CT:JTAS6TNS Efate/Regina 148-1106
CT:JTAS7TNS Ruie/Regina 003-1107
CT:JTAS8TNS Efate/Regina 078-1107, Regina/Regina 054-1107; Amber Zone: A Dagger At Efate
CT:JTAS9TNS Rhylanor/Rhylanor 204-1107
CT:JTAS10TNS Regina/Regina 214-1107
CT:JTAS11TNS Rhylanor/Rhylanor 243-1107
CT:JTAS16TNS Regina/Regina 029-1109
CT:JTAS19TNS Revisited Regina/Regina 214-1107, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 243-1107, Regina/Regina 029-1109
CT:JTAS23Amber Zone: The Birthday Plot
CT:BOTJ2Amber Zone: A Dagger At Efate
MT:IELibrary Data
MT:CH50No Time to Rest
MT:TD18A Concise History of the Third Imperium
TNE:CRp172 1201 Data
TNE:RSp38 Regina; p38 General Products LIC; p38 1117 and 1202 Data
GT:CRLibrary Data: General Shipyards
GT:SMp58 After Action Reports (Story); p105 Carstein's Outlaws; p110 102nd Lift Infantry Battalion; p120 Lietenant Colonel "Bulldozer" Muncy [102nd Lift Infantry Battalion]
GT:BTCp8 1105; p10 1107; p11 1108; p79 Efate and GURPS 1120 Data
GT:NOBThe Imperial Nobility: Duchies of the Spinward Marches; Biographies: Baron Marc Hault-Oberlindes of Feri
MGT:TI-SMp62 Jewell; p63 Louzy; p66 Regina Subsector; p68 1105 Data

Other Information

Major Target in 1st to 3rd Frontier Wars



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