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Regina/Regina [1910 Spinward Marches]

Map siphoned from The Traveller Map with permission

System Data

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Cp 703 A Im S F7 V M8 D M6 V

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RemarksRi Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 Varg0 Asla0 Sa
StarsF7 V BD M3 V
ExtensionsImportance:{ 4 } Economy:(D7E+5) Culture:[9C6D]
Resource Units6370


CT:B6p55 Star System Examples, The Regina System
CT:B7p11 Oberlindes; p11 UTP (Uakye Trading Partners)(Fledgling Line); p31 Character Generation Example
CT:S31105 Data
CT:S8Library Data: Astrography
CT:S9p42 Kokirrak Class Dreadnaught
CT:S11Library Data: Psionic Games, Starport; p38 History of the Spinward Marches
CT:S12p44 Identification Card
CT:A0The Imperial Fringe (Adventure Start); The Brawl; 1100 Data
CT:A1The Kinunir (Adventure Start); The Scrap Heap (Adventure); The Hunting Expedition (Adventure Start); Rumors F,P,Y,Z; The Regina Subsector: 1105 Data; Library Data: General Shipyards
CT:A3Twilight's Peak (Adventure Start); The Spinward Main: 1105 Data; Rumors: Echiste, Jenghe, Keanou, Paya, Regina, Rhylanor, Wochiers; Library Data: Bloodwell; The Octagon Book; The Epic
CT:A6The Professor; Jewell Subsector
CT:A12Secret of the Ancients (Adventure Start); Adventure Synopsis; Regina Subsector: Data; Artifacts and Ancient Sites: Known Sites
CT:DA7The Regina Subsector: 1111 Data
CT:AM2p9 K'kree in the Imperium, The Consulates
CT:AM4p9 The Frontier Wars
CT:AM5The Ancients: Artifacts: Imperial Researches
CT:FFWTNS Regina/Regina 097-1105, Regina/Regina 101-1105, Regina/Regina 201-1105, Regina/Regina 274-1105, Regina/Regina 004-1106, Regina/Regina 186-1106, Regina/Regina 054-1107, Regina/Regina 186-1107, Regina/Regina 187-1107, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 201-1107
CT:TTBRegina Subsector: 1105 Data; Library Data: Astrography, Regina
CT:TTAThe Spinward Marches: The Imperial Fringe, Aramis Subsector
CT:TARCharacters: Trow Backet
CT:SMCp2 Hundreds of Worlds; p2 General Background; p9 The Opening Moves; p11 The Duke of Regina; p16 Timeline for The Fifth Frontier War; p18 Imperial Development; p19 Vilis Subsector; p19 Regina Subsector; p19 Lanth Subsector; p22 1110 Data; p38 The 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment
CT:JTAS2TNS Regina/Regina 097-1105, Regina/Regina 101-1105
CT:JTAS3TNS Regina/Regina 201-1105, Regina/Regina 224-1105
CT:JTAS4TNS Regina/Regina 274-1105
CT:JTAS5TNS Regina/Regina 004-1106
CT:JTAS6TNS Regina/Regina 186-1106; Traveller Stock Exchange: TNS 097-1105
CT:JTAS8TNS Regina/Regina 054-1107
CT:JTAS9TNS Regina/Regina 186-1107, Regina/Regina 187-1107, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 201-1107; 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment; Psishield Helmets Set New Fashion Trend: TNS Regina/Regina 157-1107; Amber Zone: Rule of Man Commemorative (Start)
CT:JTAS10TNS Rhylanor/Rhylanor 210-1107, Regina/Regina 212-1107, Regina/Regina 214-1107
CT:JTAS11TNS Tureded/Lanth 251-1107, Regina/Regina 268-1107; The Bestiary: Ragfish
CT:JTAS12TNS Regina/Regina 302-1107, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 014-1108
CT:JTAS13TNS Regina/Regina 035-1108
CT:JTAS15TNS Regina/Regina 362-1108, Regina/Regina 021-1109
CT:JTAS16TNS Regina/Regina 029-1109
CT:JTAS17TNS Rhylanor/Rhylanor 128-1109, Regina/Regina 132-1109
CT:JTAS19TNS Revisited Rhylanor/Rhylanor 210-1107, Regina/Regina 212-1107, Regina/Regina 214-1107, Tureded/Lanth 251-1107, Regina/Regina 268-1107, Regina/Regina 302-1107, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 014-1108, Regina/Regina 035-1108, Regina/Regina 362-1108, Regina/Regina 021-1109, Regina/Regina 029-1109, Rhylanor/Rhylanor 128-1109, Regina/Regina 132-1109
CT:BOTJ2Traveller Stock Exchange: TNS 097-1105
CT:BOTJ3The Bestiary: Ragfish
CT:CH26TNS Regina/Regina 102-1112
CT:CH27Grandfather's Worlds (Adventure Start); TNS Regina/Regina 140-1112, Regina/Regina 142-1112
CT:CH29Scientists: Enshukki Ohrahndin
CT:CH30TNS Regina/Regina 330-1116, Regina/Regina 340-1116, Regina/Regina 067-1117; Fall of the Imperium
CT:CH31TNS Regina/Regina 225-1117
CT:TSRProfessor Chanis Laskan; Library Data: Laksan Professor Chanis
MT:PMCharacter Improvement
MT:RMGenerating Star Systems and Worlds
MT:IELibrary Data
MT:WBHBuilding a World; Mapping a World; Using World Data; Information about government
MT:VVThe Vargr Extents
MT:CH32TNS Regina/Regina 271-1117
MT:CH50No Time to Rest
MT:TD9Noblesse Oblige: The Imperial Nobility
MT:TD10Statistics From the Second Imperial Grand Survey
MT:TD18A Concise History of the Third Imperium
MT:MTJ1p25 A Guide to the Domain of Deneb; Norris Interview; Information about foreign relations talks
TNE:SMTNS Regina/Spinward Marches 340-1116, Regina/Spinward Marches 067-1117, Regina/Spinward Marches 225-1117, Regina/Spinward Marches 206-1120, Regina/Spinward Marches 101-1123, Regina/Spinward Marches 116-1123, Regina/Spinward Marches 301-1123, Regina/Spinward Marches 303-1123
TNE:CRp170 Psionics; p172 1201 Data
TNE:RSp38 General Products LIC; p38 Regina; p38 University of Regina; p38 Regina Centre for Research; p38 1117 and 1202 Data
T4:MZCp114 Settlement of the Spinward Marches
GT:CRp44 Further Research is Needed...; p52 System Information; Library Data: Astrography, General Shipyards, Regina, Starport
GT:SMp7 Meteoric Assault
GT:BTCp4 1099; p7 1103; p10 1107; p11 1108; p81 Regina and GURPS 1120 Data
GT:MCp48 Expandable Base
GT:SSp99 Kokirrak-Class 200000-ton Dreadnought
GT:SWHistory: Fifth Frontier War Timeline; Library Data: Hendrik Thorfinsson Valdemar
GT:NOBThe Imperial Nobility: Imperial Protocol (Forms of Address: Barons); Duties and Responsibilities: The High Nobility: The Imperial Mandate (Imperial Warrants); Biographies: Archduke Norris of Deneb, Baron Marc Hault-Oberlindes of Feri, The Oberlindes Family
GT:TNSCapital/Core 140-1116, Lanth/Spinward Marches 365-1116, Feri/Spinward Marches 228-1122, Regina/Spinward Marches 255-1129
T20:CRp389 Sample Encounter Table
MGT:CRp73 Diseases
MGT:TI-DSp11 Imperial Colonisation (0 to 600) (cont); p53 The Crenduthaar of Ghatsokie (cont)
MGT:B6-SCp74 Smuggling Example
MGT:A2-PPp39 1963 Josip Kikina
MGT:TI-SMp43 The Imperium in the Marches; p49 Nobility; p62 Jewell Subsector; p66 Regina Subsector; p66 Regina; p68 1105 Data
MGT:TI-POD04p4 Dr Rex Drake
MGT:TI-POD05p2 The Archaeologist; p2 Professor haut-Belzoni
MGT:TI-POD07p12 GeDeCo Personnel: Ammun Ko
FZ:FT002p24 Up Close and Personal: Dain Aakhen Thrangar
T5:SASDeck Plan 02 Free Trader TGS Beowulf
T5:IL6p2 Contact: Amindii; p2 Port of Call: Regina; p3 Regina World Map; TNS 092-1099 Regina/Spinward Marches
T5:IL7p8 Akrin Masankadi si-Tida*ii Baron of Regina; p11 Lakash Zaadsi Baron of Regina
T5:AOTICh27 Agent of the Imperium (Story); Ch27 625; Catalogue of Worlds: Data
FZ:FR1p92 M133A6 Hastati CCV
FZ:XB02p14 Bestiary: Regina Spiny Crawler (Animal)
FZ:XB-SS01p4 Amindii
FZ:XB03p6 Hanger 12: Orca Mk IV High Performance Transport (cont)

Other Information



BatRon of Kokirrak Class Dreadnaughts Assigned here.

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