Traveller Canon: Joyeuse/Sword Worlds [1123 Spinward Marches]

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Joyeuse/Sword Worlds [1123 Spinward Marches]

Map siphoned from The Traveller Map with permission

System Data

1123 Joyeuse B464778-A Ag Ri 201 M Sw M3 V M9 D

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RemarksAg Ri Pz
StarsM3 V M9 V
ExtensionsImportance:{ 5 } Economy:(A6E+5) Culture:[7C5A]
Resource Units4200


CT:B7p14 Chaperons Blancs (Sword Worlds Interface Line)
CT:S3The Sword Worlds; 1105 Data
CT:A01100 Data
CT:A7Library Data: Sword Worlds
CT:FFWZhodani Fleet Composition Chart
CT:SMCp11 The Sword Worlds Campaign; p19 The Sword Worlds; p22 1110 Data
CT:TARCharacters: Renard Ruche
CT:JTAS6Amber Zone: Ticket to Swords
CT:JTAS18Contact: The Sword Worlders: History, Sword Worlds Chronology
CT:BOTJ2Amber Zone: Ticket to Swords
MT:IELibrary Data
MT:TD18A Concise History of the Third Imperium
TNE:RSp44 Sword Worlds; p45 1117 and 1202 Data
GT:SMp20 A Cold Night on Joyeuse (story)
GT:BTCp4 1098; p69 Joyeuse and GURPS 1120 Data
GT:SWHistory: The Darrians, The Early Days, Chronology, The Division of the Spoils, The Tizon Empire, Gram and Sacnoth Reunified, The Second Frontier War, The Gram Coalition, The Sword Worlds Confederation, The Fourth Frontier War, The Fifth Frontier War, The Joyeuse Fleet, The Postwar Era; Worlds: GURPS 1120 Data, Mjolnir (The Oil Pools), Joyeuse, World Map, Gram (Life on Gram, The People of Gram); Library Data: Chaperons Blancs, Four Worlds, Gram Alliance, Gram Confederation, Gram Hegemony, Gram Republic, Jarl, Joyeuse Kingdom of, Hendrik Thorfinsson Valdemar, Hr Greve Lars Rasmussen, Tyrs Haand Consultants; Campaigns: Where's Egon? (Joyeuse)
MGT:B6-SCp45 Captain Blaise
MGT:TI-SMp94 Sword Worlds Subsector; p96 1105 Data

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