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Unplaced World Information

Worlds for which I don't know the canon location.


T4:5Absalop40 Internal Conflicts-
T4:MZCAbsalop40 Internal Conflicts-
T4:MZCAgamshuudarp121 The Julian War[Amdukan or Meshan]
GT:NOBAlabanThe Noble Life: Lifestyles: Impoverished Nobility (Quote)-
GT:PIAltap31 Alta Colony-
FZ:FT003Anemp14 The VelothAncients research site near Urja empire
FZ:XB-SS01Anwefsakanrup10 Clothian (cont)Near Foreven 1618 Tlebria
CT:S8Arakoinep46 The Emperors' List: Donald, Usuti, Marava[Core Worlds]
CT:JTAS4ArakoineEmperors of the Third Imperium: Donald, Usuti, Marava-
FZ:FT008Aretiusp4 Up Close and Personal: Brigette "Alkithoe" MaelcumFan
CT:JTAS21ArgosThe Bestiary: The Micro-Ecology of the Quicoral-
T4:4ArtoriaHomeworld of the Asym-
GT:PIAspers Demip12 Aspers Demi Psionics InstituteOne of the most disputed planets in the Human Client States region.
T4:5Auxwellp37 The Missing Ore-
T4:MZCAuxwellp37 The Missing Ore-


CT:CH26BeauvilleMilitary Academy[at junction of 2 trade routes, subsector in Imperium]
GT:PIBellexp14 Red Zone Institutes: BellexOver 2 sectors away from Zhodani Consulate.
CT:S6BentocTicket XIII (Mercenary Ticket)-
T4:GBetelgeusep23 The Swamp-
T4:CRBorrunp147 GraytchBackwater world in the Imperium
GT:NOBBoylanBiographies: The Murdoch Family-
FZ:FT007Bronson's Starp3 Jump Destination: Khorlu, Bronson's Star (D787671-6); p9 Adventure NuggetsFan


GT:PICarnia Maup13 Red Zone Institutes: Carnia Mau-
GT:H1CaskelAdventure Seed-
GT:PICassioparetp12 Aspers Demi Psionics InstituteA nearby world to Aspers Demi.
T4:5Cemoerp38 Non-Sylean Settlers-
T4:MZCCemoerp38 Non-Sylean Settlers-
GT:NOBChandosBiographies: Absentee Nobles-
GT:TNSChandosCapital/Core 168-1124-
GT:PIChuewap20 Calburka Psionics InstituteCore Sector, near Howa Pae.
CT:S6CoquatPatron 48; Ticket I (Mercenary Ticket); Ticket II (Mercenary Ticket)-
T4:5Cordovap23 The Santry-Cordova Cluster-
T4:MZCCordovap23 The Santry-Cordova Cluster-
T4:GCreinaughtp41 The Story-
T4:GCygnus-6p65 Aboard the Liner Orion-
CT:JTAS10CyrisAmber Zone: Geria Transfer[Pesek subsector?]
CT:BOTJ3CyrisAmber Zone: Geria Transfer-


T4:Gd'Arbonne5: The Princess Clone (Adventure)-
MGTDar Al'khubatp79 First Lander Thu, Miner-
GT:NOBDaugavpilisp83 Quote-
GT:NOBDayaBiographies: Archduke Brzk of Antares-
T4:4Delta Retigulii-3Homeworld of the Providers[Hydractus]
T4:4DeltiiHomeworld of the Bye-ren[Bye-Ren-Ay?]
T4:4DenaarHomeworld of the Denaar[remote region of former Imperium]
T4:GDesolationp32 Desolation System[on the rim, Corridor 2535, Lishun 1520, Magyar 1506]
CT:S6DevotanPatron 52 (Start)[Involves Frenzie/Spinward Marches(1116) ?Denotam?]
CT:S6DiatremaTicket XI (Mercenary Ticket)[outside the sphere of Imperial influence]
CT:JGDSDra'k'neDra'k'ne Station[3000 parsecs from the current position]
CT:JTAS14DrenghaiThe Bestiary: Smaetal Swarms[near the Imperial core]


CT:S6EasmoliaTicket XII (Mercenary Ticket)[capital of Easmolian Confederation on the fringe of the Imperium]
GT:SMEcksp46 Using This Chapter (cont)just an example
GT:NOBEdrasteThe Noble Life: Lifestyles: Servants and Seneschals (Seneschal)-
CT:S6EnocTicket VI (Mercenary Ticket)-


CT:S6FeorPatron 9 hunting Rowan's Beasts-
FZ:FT008Flandersp5 Up Close and Personal: Brigette "Alkithoe" MaelcumFan
GT:PIForbegn Betap15 Red Zone Institutes: Forbegn Beta-
GT:PIFurandilp26 Preparing for WarSpinward Marches


GT:NOBGaniThe Imperial Nobility: Imperial Protocol (Forms of Address: Baronets)-
CT:AHLGarconneIncident II - Perfidious Zhodane (Scenario)-
FZ:FT009Gehennap19 Less Dangerous Game: The Red Spiny Runner (animal)-
T4:5Gershallip32 Trade and Diplomacy-
T4:MZCGershallip32 Trade and Diplomacy-
CT:S6GretleTicket XIV (Mercenary Ticket)[between the Easmolian confederation and the Imperium]
GT:PIGrey Havenp18 Grey Haven Technical Institute-
CT:JTAS19GrizelAmber Zone: Pride of the Lion-
GT:NOBGrossbekp83 Quote-
GT:IWGukhiddap159 (story)In Imperial Space
GT:PIGynsap14 Red Zone Institutes: Gynsa-


CT:S6HadleyPatron 20 (Start)[Involves Grant/Spinward Marches(1607)]
CT:ARHahorehyiAhriy Uprising (Adventure): Player's and Referee's Sections-
GT:NOBHaldorThe Imperial Nobility: Noble Ranks (Baron)-
T4:GHallen7: The Gauntlet Cruise (Adventure End)-
CT:S6HimonPatron 21-
GT:NOBHanistanp83 Quote-
GT:NOBHanuThe Imperial Nobility: Imperial Protocol (Forms of Address: Baronets)-
FZ:FT011Hargravep30 Up Close and Personal: Gwen 'Aunt Molly' Polaneczy-
CT:S6HipperTicket VII (Mercenary Ticket)[on the edge of the Imperium]
CT:S6HorsuTicket V (Mercenary Ticket Start)-
GT:PIHowa Paep20 Calburka Psionics InstituteCore Sector, near Chuewa.


CT:AM7IddomakurThe History of the Hivers[Homeworld of the Kalgurils]
GT:NOBIgashirThe Imperial Nobility: Imperial Protocol (Courtesy Titles)-
MT:CH32IndeepAmber Zone: Swift Water-



CT:S6KalabirPatron 3-
T4:AKandp50 Kand Telepathy Institute; p51 Dept. of Psionicology, Mariik College[vacuum world]
FZ:XB02Kiirkaalap21 Contact! DimidiaGas giant
FZ:FT009Kimpalip20 Less Dangerous Game: The Red Spiny Runner (animal)-
FZ:FT010Kimpalip3 Less Dangerous Game: Dombrowski's Lion (a.k.a. Kimpali Cheshire Cat) (animal)-
CT:JTAS12KrajrahaAmber Zone: Royal Hunt-


CT:JTAS13LadaerCasual Encounters: Mercenary First Sergeant Gunnar Haelvedssen-
CT:S6LanquaPatron 4-
CT:JTAS11LantoliThe Bestiary: Bloodvark-
CT:BOTJ3LantoliThe Bestiary: Bloodvark-
CT:CH25LaunfallAmber Zone: Siege-
T4:ALilep49 Institute of Nukudi-
GT:PILinyareep12 Linyaree Psionics InstituteIn Zhodani space.


FZ:FT017MagnusUp Close and Personal: Brodie LeBouchereFan
T20Malusi GiiTNS Insert[probably in Gateway Quadrant]
CT:S5Markatchp11 One Thousand Years-
CT:S8Markatchp46 The Emperors' List: Joseph-
CT:SMCMarkatchp32 154th Battle Rider Squadron: History-
CT:JTAS4MarkatchEmperors of the Third Imperium: Joseph-
GT:PIMermotp13 Red Zone Institutes: Mermot-
CT:JTAS14MoloakuThe Bestiary: Smaetal Swarms[near the Imperial core]
GT:NOBMonomonThe Imperial Nobility: Imperial Protocol (Forms of Address: Knights)-
CT:S6MontagTicket IX (Mercenary Ticket)-
CT:S6MontaukTicket X (Mercenary Ticket)-
CT:S6Mu'ongPatron 23-
GT:NOBMysariyBiographies: The Delgado Family-


T4:GN'Alba4: Retian and Juenaire (Adventure)-
FZ:XB-SS01Naflejirp10 Clothian (cont)Near Foreven 1618 Tlebria
CT:JTAS13NagaschkThe Bestiary: Garhawk[spinward of Imperial core]
FZ:FT012Najdp12 Up Close and Personal: Edwina Dennis-
GT:PINempanyp12 Nempany Psionics InstituteDeep in Zhodani space.
CT:JTAS18New BretagneSmall Cargoes and Special Handling: Blue Valonaise Wine-
FZ:FT008New Tripolip5 Up Close and Personal: Brigette "Alkithoe" MaelcumFan
FZ:FT008Newkirkp5 Up Close and Personal: Brigette "Alkithoe" MaelcumFan
CT:S8Nivzhine Beltp46 The Emperors' List: Jaqueline II-
CT:SMCNivzhinep32 154th Battle Rider Squadron: History-
CT:JTAS4Nivzhine BeltEmperors of the Third Imperium: Jaqueline II-


CT:AM7Oliing(ia)Origins of the Hivers[Homeworld of the Oliingian swooper]
CT:JTAS11OnicromThe Bestiary: Ragfish-
CT:BOTJ3OnicromThe Bestiary: Ragfish-


T4:5Pagazip30 Hot Prospects-
T4:MZCPagazip30 Hot Prospects-
CT:CH28PalantirAmber Zone: Double Feature-
CT:S6PecknelPatron 14; Patron 21-
GT:NOBPendergastBiographies: The Tancredi Family-
T4:5Pholishiep22 Pholishie-
T4:MZCPholishiep22 Pholishie-
GT:PIPrevanichp27 Colonial NaviesCore Sector
T4:APuukankhip46 Iagah Khad (Thought Police)[Hi Pop extreme gov]


T4:5Queep37 Artists-
T4:MZCQueep37 Artists-
GT:NOBQuildhacBiographies: Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia, Prince Lucan, Archduchess Isis of Ilelish, Duchess Delphine Muudashir of Mora; Characters: Quote-
GT:TNSQuildhacCapital/Core 087-1122, Capital/Core 025/1123-


CT:S5Rageonp2 Background Information[mine colony on Gateway run]
CT:S8Rakakakap45 The Emperors' List: Nicolai-
CT:JTAS4RakakakaEmperors of the Third Imperium: Nicolai-
MT:SARepositoryThe Solomani Confederation-
CT:S6RequetTicket IV (Mercenary Ticket)-
T4:GRigel-3p65 Aboard the Liner Orion-
GT:PIRolandp31 Roland ColonyJ4 from trade route, J5 from Xboat


T4:GS'dors' Worldp36 First Arrival: Golden Hind-
T4:5Safdieshkip32 Political Maneuvers-
T4:MZCSafdieshkip32 Political Maneuvers-
CT:JTAS15Sainte FoyAmber Zone: Chill-
CT:BOTJ4Sainte FoyAmber Zone: Chill-
T4:5Santryp23 The Santry-Cordova Cluster-
T4:MZCSantryp23 The Santry-Cordova Cluster-
T4:DShaitelp26 Security Checkpoint Improved-
CT:JTAS4SharmunAmber Zone: Salvage On Sharmun-
CT:BOTJ1SharmunAmber Zone: Salvage On Sharmun-
T4:4ShashwaHomeworld of the Hresh[Ushaw or Eridii?, on the fringes the Imperium]
T4:4ShiroHomeworld of the Hana Saka[Kethinarii?, just outside boundaries of the old Imperium]
FZ:XB-SS01Sisakahlanibp10 Clothian (cont)Near Foreven 1618 Tlebria
CT:JTAS14SmaetaThe Bestiary: Smaetal Swarms[near the Imperial core]
CT:S11Solvenosp36 Baron-
CT:S6Styphon?Patron 47-
CT:JTAS19SuevanisThe Bestiary: Lozin-
CT:S8Sulgamip46 The Emperors' List: Ivan-
CT:A4SulgamiLibrary Data: Beauregard Captain Argon Kevin-
CT:SMCSulgamip32 154th Battle Rider Squadron: History-
CT:JTAS4SulgamiEmperors of the Third Imperium: Ivan-
CT:JTAS14SverdanAmber Zone/Striker Variant: Foxhound-


CT:JTAS14TahauriThe Bestiary: Smaetal Swarms[near the Imperial core]
CT:JTAS5TaldorAmber Zone: The Werewolf Disease-
CT:BOTJ2TaldorAmber Zone: The Werewolf Disease-
GT:NOBTallerenBiographies: The Hortalez Family-
GT:PITamkarageenap15 Red Zone Institutes: Tamkarageena-
GT:NOBTansaBiographies: Empress Iolanthe; Characters: Quote[sub D of Gushemege]
T4:GTegreenp41 The Story-
T4:GTegron1: The Trial (Adventure)-
T4:5Terschapsp33 Anti-Piracy Patrol-
T4:MZCTerschapsp33 Anti-Piracy Patrol-
T4:DTharporp84 Live Performance Theatre, SmallHome of playwright Goyd'yen
FZ:XB-SS01Thashneshtp10 Clothian (cont)Near Foreven 1618 Tlebria
T4:4Tredusp82 Present Situation-
T4:4TrenamiiHomeworld of the Nunclees-
GT:H1Trent's HopeAdventure Seed-
CT:S8Tricanus 5p45 The Emperors' List-
CT:JTAS4Tricanus 5Emperors of the Third Imperium: Ramon I-



GT:PIValeesep31 Valeese Colony-
CT:JTAS20VendetierreAmber Zone: Critical Vector-
MGTVilmaerp79 The Margrave of Vilmaer, Eccentric NobleIn the heart of the Imperium.
T4:AVivitronip55 Vivitroni Institute of Psionics-
T4:5Voyp34 Role of the Marines-
T4:MZCVoyp34 Role of the Marines[Homeworld of the Voyle's]


GT:PIWaylayp18 The Waylay CavernsBetween Sooni Cluster and Trugadeju empire.
CT:S6WorlosTicket V (Mercenary Ticket Finish)-



T4:5Yabeanp34 Role of the Marines-
T4:MZCYabeanp34 Role of the Marines-
T20YltenTNS Insert[probably in Gateway Quadrant]
T4:4YulaniiHomeworld of the Tekundu-
T4:4YuzmaHomeworld of the Graytch[Graytch? Maasrikya, in backwaters of burgeoning third imperium]


CT:JTAS4Zeta II ReticuliThe Bestiary: Reticulan Parasite-
T4:5Zillaip39 Internal Conflicts-
T4:MZCZillaip39 Internal Conflicts-

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