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M.C.P.D. Melbourne City Police Department
The Series

The Setting

Australia 2023, the city of Melbourne. More development, more people, more trouble. Sections of the city are no-go slums others are patrolled conclaves for those with money. People have begun implanting cyberware into their bodies but it's costly and not yet perfected. New designer drugs are developed daily, unemployment is rife, the population is at boiling point and crime is an ever present reality.

The Stories

The series follows the detectives of S.I.N., the newly formed Special Investigations unit of the Melbourne City Police Department, their fight against the rising tide of crime in the city and the effect the job has on their lives.

The Detectives

The rising stars from several departments brought together under the leadership of an experienced senior detective. They'll be handling the big cases that come along and will have to learn to work together and hit the ground running with on opening case.

For the Game I would like:
A written description and background, as much as you want to write, including full name and nickname, previous department, residence, relatives, friends, enemies, attitudes, faults, areas of excellence and anything else that makes the character who they are.
A drawing, picture from a magazine, sketch or some other visual representation of the character.

The Inspiration

In the tradition of 'Homicide: Life on the Street' and James Ellroys' LA Quartet, MCPD carries on the gritty, true to life look at police detectives at work.

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