Mundus Senecit: The World Grows Old

A fantasy world inspired by the feel of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying (WFRP), Bab5 and Stephen Kings' Dark Tower. A low and slow magic world that is also mostly human.

The World ...taking shape as we play...

The World Book

Contains information about the world where the Mundus Scenecit games take place.

World Book (pdf,v0.1)

Aspects of the World

The World

The Viridean Empire


The Gods

Kaolen Keep

The Stories

Awakenings (Played 2009-2011)

In one of the far protectorates of the slowly crumbling Viridean Empire lies a Keep. The keep is perched on a rock outcrop and is surrounded by forest and, more recently, a besieging army. Living in the keep under the protection of the Baron are an unusual group of young people. All of them have the spark of Magic - something that is increasingly rare in recent decades.

Apprentice types on the fringes of the Viridean Empire come into their magic and head out into the world.

The Last Patrol (to be played)

A pet-ite of soldiers from the Viridean Empire ride to the Northern outskirts of the empire to return with the garrison - after one last patrol.

A short arc game of 3-4 sessions with partly pre-generated Phast Phudge characters.

The Rules

Magic and Faith

Magic will be based on the Gramarye with some tweaks for the feel I am after.

Faith is a simple system based loosely on Faith in the Fudge Expanded Edition.

Mundus Character Creation

Awakenings Character Creation (pdf,v0.71) - the guidelines for creating a character for Awakenings, includes rules for choosing Magic and faith based Miracles.

The Last Patrol Character Creation (pdf,v0.71) - the guidelines for creating a Phast Phudge character for The Last Patrol.
The Last Patrol Character Cards (pdf,v0.71) - the cards for the Role, Race/Culture, and The Rest for The Last Patrol.

The character sheets

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