Special Forces

Action Movie Role-Playing

The Movies

Previews (players)

The B Team

The Coldest Place on Earth

Scripts (GM's)

None yet. They're still all in my head or in rough note form.

The Characters

Here are some example characters from an earlier version of Special Forces.

Lt. Karl Carlson
Lt. Myron Bottoms
Lt. Exlin Bjorg [incomplete]

Blank Character Dossier


Character Creation

There are only a few simple steps to creating a Special Forces character.

Choose Name

Many Special Forces characters will have a rank to go along with their name. The GM may assign this or allow you to choose.

Choose Concept

This is a brief character description, the sort of thing that would go on a movie poster. It should give a basic idea of your character, and can include things like occupation and personality quirks. e.g. Disturbed Ex-marine.

Assign Abilities

Characters have 4 Abilities which all start at Fair. You have 2 levels to spend and may lower some Abilities to raise others an equal amount.

Leanness [Damage Capacity and resistance to things like poison]

Meanness [Hand to Hand and physical strength]

Fighting Machine-ness [Shooting]

Smarts [Technical stuff]

Choose Gifts and Faults

Your characters first Gift is their Specialty.
Your character must first use their specialty in a Minor or continuous way so that the audience knows your character has the ability.
Once a Specialty has been shown to the audience it can be used in a Major way with GM approval - preferably close to the end of the movie.

Choose one of the abilities below. Each character in a movie should have a different special ability.

In addition to their Specialty your character receives up to two free Gifts and must take one or two Faults, all of your choice. You can look at the example lists for an idea of the type of things that can be Gifts or Faults then decide on your characters Gifts and Faults. All your Gifts and Faults must be approved by the GM.

Your character's Gifts and Faults have Minor/continuous and Major in a similiar way to your characters Specialty. Your Faults earn additional Fudge points the first time they have a Major impact on the movie.

Write Down Damage Track

Look up your characters' Leanness on the table below to find which damage track to use.

ScratchHurtVery HurtIncapacitatedNear Death
Terrible AbysmalTerriblePoorMediocreFair+
Poor TerriblePoorMediocreFairGood+
Mediocre Terrible-PoorMediocreFairGoodGreat+
Fair Terrible-PoorMediocre-FairGoodGreatSuperb+
Good Terrible-PoorMediocre-FairGood-GreatSuperbAmazing+
Great Terrible-MediocreFair-GoodGreat-SuperbAmazingLegendary+
Superb Terrible-MediocreFair-GreatSuperb-AmazingLegendaryBeyond Legendary+

Choose Equipment

Your character starts with equipment appropriate to their specialty and the movie they are in.

An Example package:

Write Down Fudge Point

Your character has one Fudge point to use during the movie.

Fudge points may also be given out at the discretion of the GM - probably the first time one of your faults has an impact on the movie.

During the movie you may spend Fudge points to achieve an automatic +4 result on any action, or to modify plot elements with GM approval.