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Traveller has always been one of my favourite settings but the rules have never been that great, in fact Traveller is one of the reasons I have embraced Fudge. GURPS Traveller started me working on my Fudge conversion again.


The Great Traveller Timeline Lunacy

The Great Traveller Timeline Lunacy is an occasional series of one-offs stepping their way through the Traveller timeline.

Random Travelling

Random Travelling is an ongoing series of one-offs.


TNS NEWSFLASH - With the release of Mongoose Traveller it will be simple to convert after the character creation process so I will be creating Phudge Traveller characters that way in future.


Over the years I've written a few web based tools to automate some of the procedures from Traveller.

I'm also working on some Perl cgi tools


Here are some downloads for Phudge Traveller:



Character Sheets

GM Screen Panels

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