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Vilis Subsector Map
Map siphoned from The Traveller Map

The series randomly began in the Vilis Subsector of the Spinward Marches Sector.

078-1105, The Duchess and The Admiral

Garda-Vilis/Vilis [1118 Spinward Marches] - Duchess Emral Eddison and Captain Jack Swallow are hired to infiltrate a Schunamann und Sohn AG (SuSAG) asteroid research station on the outskirts of the system to steal plans and a sample of a new chemical warfare agent being developed there. They succeed despite alarms going off and some of the agent being released during their escape.

(Jan 15, 2009) Location: random from all of Spinward Marches. Patron:: Random, #11 from 76 Patrons.

083-1105, A Desk Job

Garda-Vilis/Vilis [1118 Spinward Marches] - Local police official Kenny Deepak hires Emral, Ral Callan and John Wierzbowski to recover some potentially embarrassing government papers from a local news organisation. It was a set-up but they make it safely back across the extrality line into the Imperial Controlled part of the starport.

(Jan 22, 2009) Location: within Jump 3 of previous location. Patron:: Random, #4 from 76 Patrons.

106-1105, A Duel on the Tarmac

Margesi/Vilis [1020 Spinward Marches] - Jon Agar offers Cr1,000,000 to Emral, Ral, John and Jack to kill the ex-Naval officer who caused the death of his father. On discovering it is Admiral Dustin Omar, known to several of them they manipulate the situation until it ends in a duel at the starport where Dustin defeats the young man.

(Jan 29, 2009) Location: within Jump 3 of previous location. Patron:: Random, #37 from 76 Patrons.

134-1105, Special Delivery

Choleosti/Vilis [1018 Spinward Marches] - Levi Maura, owner of the Free Trader I.S. Girls Keep it Down, hires Emral, Ral, Dustin and Jack to assist in discreet delivery of goods to Ella Spaulding, his contact in the small facility. The goods are moved across the surface during a fierce radiation storm on the nearby gas giant.

(Feb 5, 2009) Location: within Jump 3 of previous location. Patron:: Random, #43 from 76 Patrons.

147-1105 to 148-1105, Shopping and the Scrap Heap

Vilis/Vilis [1119 Spinward Marches] - Arriving on Vilis Ral, Emral, Jack and Dustin decide to equip themselves better for the type of work they have been doing. They swing all the favours and clout they have to procure themselves a Patrol Cruiser from the ship yards. The head clerk, Enli Karise, tells them "six weeks" but offers them a job that will help him speed up the process - find out some information about Kinunir Class Colonial Cruisers from a rival ship yard. The infiltration goes well until a local predator is disturbed.

Part 2: Jack dodges the pouncer and Ral makes short work of it. Meanwhile the second team of John, Mason Bligh and Iselle Peake who snuck in over the fence have found the Black Globe mountings and acquired the information. The information is reported back to Enli Karise and their ship is ready to collect within the week.

(Feb 19 and 26, 2009) Location: within Jump 3 of previous location. Patron:: Variation on The Scrap Heap from The Kinunir.

158-1105, The Railen

Zeta 2/Vilis [0919 Spinward Marches] - The groups new patrol ship the I.S. Ryan arrives in system with several dtons of supplies to be delivered to the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service lab ship I.I.S.S. Railen. Initial scans detect a 100dton Zhodani Scout ship jumping out shortly after they arrive.

The Railen does not respond to their hails. Ral, Jack, Mason and Dustin make their way on board and to the bridge, finding a dead crew member covered in a strange green dust. All systems are working at ~80% efficiency and, with no sign of any other crew members, they decide to explore further.

Part 2: Dustin returns to the Ship's Boat and Iselle comes aboard The Railen. Further investigation reveals a crystal life-form that was brought back in samples from the planet below. One survivor is rescued and The Ryan heads back to Garda-Vilis, the only nearby scout base.

(Mar 19 and 26, 2009) Location: within Jump 3 of previous location. Patron:: Situation inspired by Zeta 2 canon.

165-1105, The Dread Pirate Stephanie Doyle

Garda-Vilis/Vilis [1118 Spinward Marches] - On exiting from jump the group answers a Signal GK from the I.S. Hermit Crab when the name completely fails to ring a bell with Iselle. Once close they realise it is a pirate ruse when Iselle realises that Captain Stephanie Doyle is the pirate she obtained 1Mcr from. They surprise the Corsair ship with a pre-emptive attack and it jumps away after a short skirmish.

(Apr 2, 2009) Location: Jump to nearest Scout Base. Patron:: Random Starship encounter spiced with Enemy from Iselle's past.

166-1105, The Records Office

Garda-Vilis/Vilis [1118 Spinward Marches] - After landing at the Scout base Omar tours the facilities. Jack and Ral hit the bars and are recruited for a job that sounds eerily similar to The Desk Job. They investigate and then hire some down and outs to do the job for them. They watch the Police set up and Ral eliminates Jed Herbert who appears to have been working for Kenny Deepak.

(Apr 9, 2009) Location: Landing in same system as last time. Patron:: Random, #27 from 76 Patrons.

174-1105, The Fleet and the Package

Vilis/Vilis [1119 Spinward Marches] - Arriving in system a fleet of 17 Midu Agashaam-class Destroyers is detected. Dustin knows Admiral Yoshida Rina and arranges to meet with her later. Landing on planet the ship is checked over after her shakedown cruise while John and Mason go carousing the local bars. John is approached by a woman who wants a package posted from the starport and he accepts the job. Dustin meets with Yoshida and hears that the fleet is heading to make a quick strike on a Zhodani fleet in a nearby neutral system. After minor trouble at the post office John and Ral convince the woman and her people that The Ryan would be an ideal way for them to move their cargos to Garda Vilis.

(April 23, 2009) Location: within Jump 3 of previous location. Patron:: Random Starship encounter. Random, #51 from 76 Patrons.

176-1105, The Darrian Connection

Vilis/Vilis [1119 Spinward Marches] - The first cargo bound for Garda-Vilis is delivered to The Ryan by Serina, an old acquaintance of Ral's who needs to leave Vilis. She joins the crew.

(May 7, 2009) Location: still at previous location. Patron:: None. Creating and introducing new character.

184-1105 to 185-1105, Rain, Rhetoric and Raid

Garda-Vilis/Vilis [1118 Spinward Marches] - Serina, Ral and Jack land on Garda-Vilis during a rain storm and deliver the cargo to the Tanoose Freedom League representitives in an empty groat holding warehouse. The TFL offer them the opportunity to help raid a local Police Station and Serina engages them in discussion about the motives of their organisation.

Part 2: Ral discusses the raid with Iselle and Mason before they meet with the TFL and prepare. Ral notices that some of the autorifles the TFL have are Zhodani.

Part 3: Collecting Serina and Jack the armoury raid goes fairly smoothly thanks to the inside contact.

(May 14 and 28, June 4, 2009) Location: jumped to cargo delivery location. Patron:: random, #38 from 76 Patrons.

193-1105, The Meeting of Great Men

Stellatio/Vilis [1216 Spinward Marches] - While stopping at the low tech colony the crew take on Count Isaiah Deleon of Feri, a past rival of Mason's, as a passenger.

(June 11, 2009) Location: jumped to next stop on the way to scene of Imperial strike on the Zhodani. Patron:: random, from 760 Patrons, become Mason's past rival.

202-1105, The Hunting Expedition

728-907/Vilis [1214 Spinward Marches] - Upon arrival Count Isaiah suggests a hunting trip on the uninhabited world and the crew agree.

Part 2: Jack insults Isiah, the party finds an octagonal ruin and a Cutter full of Imperial Marines arrives to arrest them.

Part 3: Marine Force Commander Jared Gabriel questions the group, John fails to escape once the G-carrier is eventually found and the party is reunited as the marine cutter turns for the "secret base".

Part 4: At the base - apparently a scientific base at an Ancient site - Ral's legendary bluffing about the party being on a secret Imperial mission opens the door for Count Isaiah to benevolently step in, have them released and returned to their ship.

(June 25, July 2, 16 and 23 2009) Location: jumped to next stop on the way to scene of Imperial strike on the Zhodani. Patron:: Variation on The Hunting Expedition from The Kinunir.

Meanwhile... The Edinina Raid 195-1105

Edinina/Vilis [1213 Spinward Marches] - Admiral Yoshida Rina's fleet of 17 Midu Agashaam-class Destroyers arrive at Edinina and strike hard and fast against the various Zhodani ships assembled there, devastating them and then jumping away.

(July 19 2009) Location: Scene of Imperial strike on the Zhodani. Power Projection battle between 4 Midu Agashaam and 8 smaller Zhodani vessels.

210-1105, The Zhodani Derelict

Edinina/Vilis [1213 Spinward Marches] - Arriving near the outer system gas giant the Ryan identified a derelict Zhodani Shivva class Patrol Frigate in a decaying orbit. Ral, Jack, John and Mason jumped across and began exploring, finding a few salvageable bits and pieces until they gained a glimpse of a small Vargr ship attached to the far side of the Zhodani vessel.

Part 2: The crew encounter Vargr Captain Ekhgruen of the Akadukh. Negotiations lead to him and his crew leaving peacefully with a figure in a Zhodani Vacc Suit and a computer memory core.

Part 3: Ral and Mason finish exploring the ship and move most of the salvage across before a Federation of Arden Patrol Cruiser arrives and they decide to jump out of the system.

(Sept 10, 17 and 24 2009) Location: arrived at scene of Imperial strike on the Zhodani. Patron:: none. Investigating scene.

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