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Mora Subsector Map
Mora Subsector. Map siphoned from The Traveller Map

The series began in the Mora Subsector of the Spinward Marches Sector.

024-1105, Dew Claws and Dust Spice

Mora/Mora [3124 Spinward Marches] - Alec Hardison gathers together friends and friends of friends to form a crew for his mysterious benefactor. Jake Ryons, Commodore Meg Walton, and Sayeed Qutb are discussing their future with Alec when they are all hired by an Aslan to investigate a missing cargo.

Part 2: Couriers and Restaurants - Joined by Dai Adeeona and James "Mad Gav" Gavin, Jake and Meg question the couriers and then take a trip to Fenrock where they investigate the Land of Spice restaurant and decide Garth Frix is their prime suspect.

Part 3: Arresting Developments - Alec, Dai, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg, Jonathan Henry, and Sayeed investigate Frix's apartment before most of them are arrested by the vigorous Moran Police. After release they head to the docks to investigate Frix's gang.

Part 4: Swimming with Sharks - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Sayeed confront the Fen Sharks, the Dust Spice is returned, the Aslan "Catch" is shamed and then beaten in a duel.

(Jan 4, 18, 25, and Feb 1, 2011) Location: Mora as start of adventure and random homeworld of 2 PCs. Patron: 1st MGT Living Traveller adventure: Dew Claws and Dust Spice.

045-1105 to 051-1105, Meeting the Benefactor

Mora/Mora [3124 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Sayeed take a shuttle up to The Diamond space station, meet Alec's contact and then decide to do something about the strange situation on the station.

Part 2: - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Sayeed retake security from the Ine Givar terrorists and then coordinate together to get to the lounge to save Duke Norris.

Part 3: - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Sayeed help the released military personal to retake The Diamond. The crew then accept an offer to stay with Baron Hasse von Harkhoost for the senate fortnight. A week into their stay the Baron fails to turn up for a dinner appointment with the crew.

Part 4: 051-1105 Rescuing the Baron - Alec, Jake, Meg, and Sayeed question Gerasim, the Barons servant, and then make an easy rescue of the Baron from the apartment that he his being held prisoner.

(Feb 15 and 22, March 1 and 22 2011) Location: Remaining at Mora. Patron: 3rd MGT Living Traveller adventure: A Festive Occasion.

054-1105 to 063-1105, The Wedding

Part 1: 054-1105 A Picnic in the Park - Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Sayeed attend a picnic in the Ducal Palace grounds as guests of Baron Harkoost. Sayeed makes a rival of the Baron of Gorram, Jake and "Mad Gav" score, Jonathan investigates some interesting nobles from Jewell Subsector, and Meg crosses paths with Captain Ilkani again and notices an out of place face from on the Diamond. The crew investigates the oddities around Colonel Sir Abel Spendabel.

Part 2: 062-1105 The Stakeout - Jake, Jonathan, Meg, and Sayeed stakeout Colonel Spendabel with a break to celebrate Jake's birthday on 061. On the evening after the close of the Senate they witness the kidnapping of Colonel Spendabel. Jake manages to apply his Trx to the van which they then track down to the Morovic embassy. After investigating Spendabel's apartment - and consultation with Captain Ilkani - they are preparing to go to the embassy after the platoon of fake troops have left in the morning.

Part 3: 063-1105 The Raid - Alec, Jake, and Meg raid the Morovic embassy and rescue the real Sir Spendable who then goes on to lead the forces attempting to capture the Ine Givar troops especially the infamous Agent Leopard. Most of the terrorists are captured or killed except for Agent Leopard of whom there is no sign.

(March 29, April 5, May 3 2011) Location: Remaining at Mora. Patron: 3rd MGT Living Traveller adventure: A Festive Occasion.

074-1105 to 081-1105, The First Flight of the Black Star

Mora/Mora [3124 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, and Sayeed meet with Captain Ilkani and receive their ship and first mission for their benefactor. They take a shuttle up to The Diamond space station, board the Black Star and begin acquainting themselves with it's customisations.

Part 2: 074 to 081-1105 Arrival. Nadrin/Mora [3123] [Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathan and Sayeed leave The Diamond on the Black Star, collect Romis Tollian, the surgically altered agent that is their cargo and make the jump to Nadrin. Upon arrival they are hailed for an unexpected Imperial Naval Customs inspection.

Part 3: Inspection - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav" and Sayeed undergo the Imperial Naval Customs inspection by Captain Nimirbi (Office of Naval Intelligence). Some timely distractions stop her from investigating Romis too closely. The Black Star is allowed to go on it's way and land at the Nadrin Scout base.

Part 4: Cargo Drop off - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, Meg and Sayeed drop the cargo at the Nadrin Scout base and learn all sorts of interesting information from the scouts stationed there.

Part 5: Sightseeing - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg and Sayeed go sightseeing. Romis is dropped off near the Jonkeereen camp while "Mad Gav" encounters some Rock Lizards. After Romis is captured during his infiltration the crew approach the camp preparing to rescue him.

Part 6: Dust Storm and Rescue - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, Meg and Sayeed all work together to rescue Romis during the unexpected dust storm. During the rescue Meg has a run in with a Jonkeereen dosed up on combat drugs who goes on to attack the camp. Returning to the Black Star the crew make the jump to their next destination.

(August 9, 16, and 23, September 6, 13 and 20 2011) Location: Mora and Nadrin. Patron: Random, inspired by party history and destination world. Collection of ship from character generation.

088-1105, Negotiations with the Meritocracy

Catuz/Mora [2824 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg and Sayeed arrive at Catuz where Captain Ilkani debriefs Romis and tasks them with negotiating the release of the MarchLines ship March Kestral and her crew from the Meritocracy of Catuz.

Part 2: Easy Bargains - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg and Sayeed prepare for the next day's negotiations with the Meritocracy of Catuz. Economics are studied, city security is hacked, Jake expertly delivers "Mad Gav"'s threatening note, and some even get a good night's sleep. Negotiations procede relatively easily and, with the threat of the Imperium behind them, the crew achieve the release of the March Kestral and her crew, and the stabilising of the trade agreements between Catuz and MarchLines.

(October 4 and 25, 2011) Location: within jump 3 of previous location. Patron: Variation on GT:Star Mercs mercenary ticket from world canon. Also variation on beginning of Safari Ship.

Lunion Subsector Map
Lunion Subsector. Map siphoned from The Traveller Map

098-1105 to 112-1105, Centaur Go Home

Mercury/Mora & Gandr/Lunion [2624 & 2425 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jonathan, Meg and Sayeed arrive at Mercury where Imperial Navy repreaentatives task them with returning L'lur'ai a stranded K'Kree warrior to his diplomatic ship which jumped for Gandr on the way to Lunion a day earlier. All goes well for the first trip but after missing the K'Kree by a scant 6 hours and in jump from Gandr to Lunion the K'Kree finaly succumbs to the tight confines of the cargo hold and there is an incident involving escaped Tree Rats and Autorifle fire.

Part 2: 112-1105 "He mounts our traditions", Lunion/Lunion [2124 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg and Sayeed clean up the Tree Rat problem and the Black Star arrives at Lunion on Meg's birthday. Meg negotiatiates landing at the Imperial Navy base near the K'kree vessel. When they escort L'lur'ai to return him to his herd they are confronted by General Nur'Noder who calls L'lur'ai an outcast as "he mounts our tradition as he mounted our lord's bride", leaving him two choices to redeem himself: a G'naak hunt; or a challenge to the General. The crew begin attempts to locate a suitable G'naak.

Part 3: 112-1105 "He mounts our traditions", Lunion/Lunion [2124 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg and Sayeed investigate and try to uncover information about the duel process in various ways. Jake impresses the off-duty Naval personnel in the bar while "Mad Gav" enrages them. Jonathan uncovers another conspiracy and Meg talks to the diplomatic adjunct to find out more about the situation with the K'kree. Everyone has a bad feeling about the sculpture being presented to the K'Kree that evening. L'lur'ai convinces "Mad Gav" and Jake to join him in the duel as his servitor minions because he needs them to make the threat strong enough if he's going to become the new General.

Part 4: 112-1105 Duel and Sabotage, Lunion/Lunion [2124 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, Meg and Sayeed investigate the gift sculpture while the duel commences. L'lur'ai and Jake duel General Nur'Noder eventually winning just after the sabotage on the sculpture has been repaired. An upset Rear Admiral Santanocheev is unable to unveil his replacement sculpture.

(November 8 and 29, December 6, 2011, and January 10, 2012) Location: within jump 3 of previous location, three times. Patron: inspired by random K'Kree guest player character.

143-1105, Mission on Mithril

Mithril/Sword Worlds [1628 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Dai, Jake, Meg, and Saed come out of jump with engine trouble, land and make a deal with the warden of Mithril, Oderver Halli Raaby, for spare parts in exchange for doing some surveying for him. After some erratic piloting by Jake they find a radioactives dumping ground and wait out a snow storm before inspecting it more closely.

Part 2: 143-1105 Calamanders, Mithril/Sword Worlds [1628 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Dai, Jake, Meg, and Saed investigate the radioactive site and scavenge some containers after some encounters with the local nest of Calamanders.

Part 3: 143-1105 The Glade, Mithril/Sword Worlds [1628 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Meg, and Saed Head towards location C and determine it is a natural warm current causing the anomaly. On the way to location B they stop to investigate a lush glade nestled in a mountain valley and Kafla saves Meg from a rampant grazing animal.

Part 4: 143-1105 The Crevasse, Mithril/Sword Worlds [1628 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Saed Head towards location B and discover a huge crevasse that has carvings that suggest Aslan were there ta long time ago. They report back to Halli at the starport and breeze through an inspection by te Sword Worlds Patrol Vessel Rommel - noticing that the vessel has a Zhodani amongst the crew.

(February 14 and 28, March 6 and 13, 2012) Location: within jump 3 of previous location, three times. Patron: Classic Traveller Double Adventure 2: Mission on Mithril.

172-1105, Safari World

567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - At Caladbolg stop-over Alec posts a satchel to the INI containing info about Zhodani sighted on the Sword Worlds ship, indications of previous Aslan occupation, and location and survey information.
With Alec, "Mad Gav", and Saed in command the Black Star comes out of jump at the Safari World. Preliminary scan reveals another ship jumping out. They land at the "Starport" beacon and investigate it for information finding that The Homer was there for 32 days, the Free Trader Centennial (registered out of Collace) visited 1 day ago and landed on the west coast of the great sea. Also extract info that several Naasirka ships stopped by in the past year.
Mad Gav scares off a flock of Songbats by de-winging the lead flyer which Gav believes is diseased.
The crew decide to take off and investigating islands on way to west coast and Centenial's destination.

Part 2: 172-1105 Sea bed and Island 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - With Jake, "Mad Gav", and Saed taking the lead the crew take off and circle the area before heading off. They see signs of a dry sea bed to the North and scan some dog-sized pouncers resting in the noon day sun. "Mad Gav" plots to use tranquilizer filled tree rats as bait. Alec and Saed are a bit skeptical.
Leaving the area they land on the largest island and investigate site of possible launch landing from the past.

Part 3: 173-1105 The Western Shore 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - With Alec, Jake, and Saed taking the lead the crew fly to the Western shore. Along the way they notice a large sunken shelf of land and Alec picks out the remains of an old town that has been underwater for thousands of years. On reaching the shore they discover another town, encounter an eight-legged herbivore, and follow the remains of an ancient road North. When investigating yet another town as darkness has fallen they hear a distant shrieking wail but Kafla's blundering around obscures it's location and they can't pinpoint it before it stops.

Part 4: 173-1105 Gem Hunt 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathon, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Saed scan the ruins beyond the swamp with the densitometer finding half a dozen pockets of what appear to be degraded Denuli gems. They hear shrieking again and this time Alec can tell the direction. Then he hears a more distant answering shriek...

Part 5: 173-1105 Follow the Shriek 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Dai, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Saed take the Black Star in the direction of the shrieking. After another Songbat attack on the ships engines Gav sees something at half a click. Getting to the location Jake finds hoof prints and a torn-off piece of canvas belt? Dai follows the tracks but loses them on rocks. Scanning with the ship the crew can't find anything in the surrounding several kilometers. Settling into the ship the crew rest until light.

Part 6: 174-1105 First Contact 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, and Saed rest until light and then scan the area. Jake hits the Black Star on a rock outcropping shorting out the sensors for some time. Nothing is sighted and after an hour they move on back to the road near the swamp. Following it to the end and find much degraded settlement.
The crew decide to start looking for possible landing sites of the Centennial. Alec detects emissions that match a small engine or possibly an Air/raft. They sneak up in the ship but Saed notices a line of figures on the way. They observe a party of around a dozen and several carts towed by cow creatures. Several off the cretures have artificial stilt-legs.
Deciding that the creatures won't get very far the crew then head towards the air/raft signature.

Part 7: 174-1105 Air/raft Down 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg, Saed head towards the air/raft signature. Jake hovers the Black Star while Alec scans and picks up a few radio conversations "hurry up and fix it before they come back". The ground team approach and observe two men at a downed air/raft removing song-bats from the directional jets. "Mad Gav" is Abysmally sure they are a Sword Worlds infiltration team, Jake thinks they are rough and roguish. They approach and after some mistaken fire from "Mad Gav" and whispers amongst the men about " we used all the grenades on those leapers" they have cautious conversation with them and pick up signs they have come from the West and are concealing it. The men fly off in their Air/raft.

Part 8: 174-1105 Next... 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Saed talk about what was discovered then decide to head West following the air/raft and scanning for their camp. Saed sees an occupied village along the way. They stop at mountains, let the air/raft go, and decide to head to valley Alec has been obsessed with since they first scanned the planet. Saed spots a mountainside road and then an old collapse. Meg navigates the ship and a fallen rope bridge is found. Eventually they arrive at the valley, enter the mist and Alec detects a weak beacon and a running fusion generator which they believe is the camp from the air/raft crew.

Part 9: 175-1105 Camp Confrontation 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, Jonathan, "Mad Gav", Meg, and Saed rest into the evening. The crew then all go in the launch and head towards the camp. Landing halfway to investigate animal heat sources they are approached by a group of chasers. Jonathan flees, Gav fires and it is problem solved. Jake finds cairn which he and Saed excavate to find remains of a native.
The crew then approach the camp. Jake stumbles into a latrine and sets off sensor lights. Crew approaches and Saed and Gav scramble to enter as occupant comes out and questions why the guys are back early before realizing what's happening as Gav commands him to freeze. Saed spys a few baskets of grey gems on an inside bench.

Part 10: 175-1105 The Catch 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav", and Meg, are at the prefab shelter. The occupant goes back into his room and emrges again shooting Gav after he shoves Saed out of the shelter and struggles with his bulky stacked armour. Gav turns around and gives him a full auto blast and then the crew search the cabin and computer system. They find comms from one of the four men to a Nasirka ship that mention payment for the Thingellvir situation.

Part 11: 175-1105 Thingvellir's Crested Trapper 567-908/District 268 [1031 Spinward Marches] - Alec, Jake, "Mad Gav", Meg and Saed, are at the prefab shelter. Just after cleaning up the scene the crew decide their course of action while Meg, Saed, and Kafla cruise around in the launch looking for leapers, finding numerous explosion points. The crew work together to find a likely habitat area. They investigate and Mad Gav is attacked while planting cameras. Eventually footage, data, and samples are gathered. Saed looks over all the data gathered and has an Amazing insight into Naasirka's motives, realising that they have guided Kafla to the Trapper in order to encourage him to sell his lucrative business to them.
Almost a year later at capital a pair of nobles are discussing the recently presented specimens of Thingvellir's Crested Trapper, "In particular, I like the taxidermists signature motif of the missing right leg".

(April 3, 10 and 24, May 1, 8 and 29, June 12, and 19, July 3, 10, and 17 2012) Location: within jump 3 of previous location, three times. Patron: Classic Traveller Adventure 10: Safari Ship, with tweaks.

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