The Hat Party

The Beginning

The Invite

Sent by email.

Hi All,

I'll be having a pre-christmas Saturnalia party this year on Saturday
the 16th of December.

This party is for catching up with people and having a relaxed, stress
free time just before christmas.

But there is a theme (involving minimal stress) - Find me a hat!
All my life I've felt that there has to be a hat somewhere out there
that suits me. Alas I have been unable to find one, so I want everyone
to come wearing a hat and maybe, just maybe, we can find one that looks
good on me.

I'll be lazing around my house at ## ######### St in Northcote from late
afternoon onwards so come over whenever you feel like it. I'll supply
nibbles and some basic drinks soft and hard, everything else is BYO.

Pass this invite on to anyone I may have missed.

Hope to see you all there.


Around 6:00 pm

The first people to arrive are settling in. My official photographer didn't arrive until later so Watty, Brad, Deb and Mimi escaped the camera by leaving early.

I have a few Photos that Lily took early on.

Lily made me a special hat which refused to be photographed here ...
Too dark.

And only a bit in this one.
Me in my hat.



... or here ...
Too blurry to see it.

But later on I subdued it enough for a proper photograph to be taken.
My Hat.


As the time moved towards 7 there were quite a few of us around.
Lots of people in the kitchen. Tim and Anna are in foreground, note all the hats.

Follow Lenl's nose to go later into the evening.