The Hat Party

Around 8:15 pm - Outside

My official photographer then moved outside.

Grant Overend (we luv you) and Jamo.

Lily and Rod with a bit of Mike and some of Tims head.

Anna, Mike and Lily with Ev's head spoiling the shot.

Robert Pitman sporting the castaway look, with Badger and Pete in animated discussion in the background.

Badger amused by me in my thug hat.

Me wearing Badgers (small) airforce hat.

Anna, Steph, Lily and the teensiest bit of Mike.

Liz, me and Anna as I adjust the jesters hat.

Rod trying to hide behind the bottle.


Jane and Tom.

My photographer took the time to do some arty shots of Ev, which I'm sure he'll love.

Some people, like Jenny, came wearing pseudo hats.

Another arty shot, this time of a plant.

James and Mart, outlaws of the west.

Pete posing in his hat.

A backyard full of people, yay.

Tom, Matty and myself (wearing Anna's hat.)

This is one of Lil's: my photographer caught in action and revealed to be non other than Heather.

Lenl's Tail points back inside His nose shows you the continuation of the party