Matty and Phill's Excellent
Tasmanian Adventure

Days Four and Five

A mountain is climbed; some nature is walked; and the boat for home is boarded.


The first thing we did was make an automobile assisted scaling of Mt Wellington which looms over Hobart like an attacking gang of ducks. The view from the top was very immpressive and my shoddy camera skills fail to do it justice.

As we turned our sights to the North again we had time for a side trip to Mt Field National Park which has a waterfall all it's own only a short (nature) walk from the carpark.


Our brave explorers reach the summit.


And here we see Scenes from a Nature Walk a little higher up the mountain. Ah, so peaceful.

We sped North past more flat Tasmanian wildlife to arrive back in Launceston and spend our last night in Tassie catching up with Bill and Ness again.

In the morning we went for a walk around Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

We arrived back in Melbourne at some ridiculous time of the morning and promptly went home to get some well earned rest after our holiday.


Before heading off to Devonport to board the boat for the overnight journey home.





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