Notes from 12 May, 2009

5:25 pm Tuesday.

@ 7:30 pm Susan wakes in a hospital and Steve Banks (Reese pretending) is with her and they are discussing Mr. White and Steve's mental state. At about 9pm with visiting hours over then Susan goes back to sleep.

Reese and Ethan research the Human Interest Society. They discover that it is a CIA proprietary and is used by the Black Book.

Agents attempt to track down Lisa Smith. She lives in the Willam S Boyd Residence Hall (#6). Lisa is very helpful and a pleasant looking young woman. She explains that Dr. Skelton ran a short experiment involving ESP testing. She also confirms that Steve Banks went through some testing ans seemed to have some ability, but Dr. Skelton canceled the project soon after. Cindi knows that she is concealing something and with Reese they do some good cop, bad cop Lisa breaks down and with a whole lot of crying reveals that; Skelton conducted a follow-up experiment with some of the people who showed strong psychic aptitude, including Steve. They including Lisa got paid $5000 and they were all forced to sign a scary form with dire warnings. Also a dark suited man called Mr. White visited often and cautioned them to keep silent about the experiment. Lisa wants protection and believes that Dr. Skelton has gone home.