The Wine and Cheese Teddy Bear's Picnic

For my birthday this year I held a Wine and Cheese Teddy Bear's Picnic at Johnson Park in Northcote.

There were quite a few people there and Cam's pig costume was a highlight

Heather came in this cool bunny costume.

Luckily Ev solved the problem with a cricket bat.

The picnic settled down after that. Here you can see Matty, Nigel, myself and Amber being surveyed by a very hot and tired pig.

Rod's head acting as a magnet for fluffy toys.

Matty and Mimi talking, Tom standing up and in the distance the pig gets some icecream

For a lot of this the boys were playing a variant of Dirkball nearby.


A few people brought their old favourites, like Ev and his blind dinosaur.

It wasn't long though before the pig went on the rampage and began consuming the other soft toys, including Lenl!!!

Exhibiting his hovering powers in the process.
(He's not touching the ground honest)

Amber (again), Schwab, and Sheridan (doing one armed push-ups)

The pig sprang back into action and traumatised small children

The Pig, Pete, Tom, Jane, Mimi and Matty all enjoy the pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Many other things happend which didn't get caught on camera: Heather stuck up a tree and then on my shoulders, Mike, Lily and Zoe plying me with their wine, much frisbee throwing, ball kicking and general picnic fun all round. Thanks to everyone for coming.

Proudly brought to you by Lenl and Scottie (what is he?) who both hate pigs.