Rules Reminders


The player on your right does all things like combat, amulets etc.



  • Room Tile
    Draw Room card can enter Catacombs next turn.
  • Passage Down Card
    Enter immediately. Place an entrance tile on the room tile unless it's a Cave-In.
  • Falling Through a Trap Door
    Can move through the Catacombs next turn.
  • Falling from a Bridge
    Move through the Catacombs next turn.

Exiting and Reappearing

  • Roll for location as per table in Catacomb rules.
  • If there is an entrance in one of the surrounding 8 tiles you reappear there, your choice if there is more than one.
  • Roll the D10 again if you reappear on a Bottomless Pit, Bridge or another character.
  • If square is empty, draw a tile. Discard Bottomless Pit, Bridge or Trap tiles and draw again.
  • You may immediately re-enter the Catacombs and continue the same journey.
  • No room or trap cards when reappearing.

Sneak Attack

Take D12-Luck (can be 0) and then choose Attack or Escape.