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Welcome to my Phudge Dredd page. Here you will find my rules for character creation, my Phudge DREDD Psi Powers page and my conversion notes for using published Judge Dredd materials with Phudge DREDD.

Also available is the two page Phudge Dredd character sheet (includes Judge and Equipment) (pdf).

If you're looking for them my old character creation and conversion rules are still available.

You will need the Romeo font to make these pages and the character sheets look their best.

Character Creation Notes

A basic familiarity with Fudge is assumed in the notes below.

Follow the steps below to create your Judge.

1. Background and Concept

You will need to decide on the basic concept for your Judge including how they became a Judge, their name, sex and a rough idea of the attitudes they will have.

Most Judges begin their training at the Academy of Law when they are 5 years old and train for 15 years. In recent times older cadets have been accepted because of the loss of Judges in the numerous disasters that have befallen Mega-City. A small number of Judges are cloned from genetic stock of some of the better Judges of the past.

Your Judge will need a name. In the comic these are quite often humorous but don't have to be.

The sex of a Judge makes no difference to their performance in the comic, likewise your characters sex will make no difference in the game unless you assign traits and choose Gifts and Faults to reflect it as part of your character concept.

2. Judge Experience and Type

To create a Phudge Dredd character you need to know how much experience your Judge has on the streets. Your Judges experience dictates the Trait Raises they have to spend and gives the base Authority level they use for arrests and calling backup. The GM should tell you how experienced the Judges in your squad can be.

Judge LevelTrait
Trait Level
Base AuthorityMax Authority

You will also need to choose what type of Judge (Street, Med, Psi, Tech) your character will be. The majority of Judges are Street Judges so there may be a limit on the number of specialty Judges allowed in the squad.

Judge Types

Street Judge

Maximum Trait level for Streetwise and all Combat skills is one higher.

Med Judge

Must apply 2 Trait Raises to Medical skill for each Judge Level.
Maximum Trait Level for Medical is one higher.
Free Gift: Med Backup Priority - advantage to call Med backup.
Has specialty Med equipment.

Psi Judge

Start with one Psi Power at Poor. All others will become Poor the first time a Trait Raise is applied to them.
Must apply 2 Trait Raises to Psi Powers for each Judge Level.
Free Gift: Psi Backup Priority - advantage to call Psi backup.

Tech Judge

Must apply 2 Trait Raises to Technical skill for each Judge Level.
Maximum Trait Level for Technical is one higher.
Free Gift: Tech Backup Priority - advantage to call Tech backup.
Has specialty Tech equipment.

3. Traits

You have a number of Trait Raises based on your characters Judge Level to apply to your characters traits. The way these raises are applied is modified by your characters Judge Type.

Attributes and Skills start at Poor and only Psi Judges may have Powers. See the Psi Powers page for details of the Psi abilities.



  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Health
  • Perception
  • Willpower



  • Melee
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Shooting


  • Driving
  • Piloting


  • Investigation
  • Medical
  • Streetwise
  • Technical



  • Empathy
  • Precognition
  • Psychokinesis
  • Self Control
  • Telepathy

4. Gifts and Faults

Your character receives two free Gifts and must take two Faults, all of your choice. Every Judge starts with the Ambidextrous Gift.
A lot of the d20 Feats and GW Special Abilities would be Gifts in Phudge Dredd.

5. Secondary Traits

Your characters Initiative, Unarmed Damage, Damage Bonus and Damage Track are all calculated in the standard way I use for Phudge (my version of Fudge).

6. Fudge Points

Your character starts with three Fudge points and gains another at the end of every game session. Fudge points may also be given out at the discretion of the GM.

During the game you may spend Fudge points as detailed in Phudge Fudge Points.

Gaining Experience

Judges gain 1 XP per session.

5 XP may be spent to go up a Judge Level i.e. from Cadet to Rookie. When you go up a Judge Level your authority goes up by 1 and you apply 5 trait raises.

Once a Judge is a Senior Judge they no longer increase their Judge Level. Instead they spend XP to raise individual traits.

Senior Judge XP Costs
Current Trait LevelXP required to Raise
Amazing7Maximum for all except Authority.
Legendary8Maximum for Authority.

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