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Random Travelling Log - Diplomatic Action - Season 2

The series began in the District 268 Subsector of the Spinward Marches Sector.

District 268 Subsector Map
District 268 Subsector. Map siphoned from The Traveller Map

The Crew in this Series:

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217-1105, AL's Anola Abduction

Mertactor/District 268 [1537 Spinward Marches] - With Alec gone - taking Dai, "Mad Gav", and Jonathan, as his hand-picked team for a mission - Jake Ryons, Commodore Meg Walton, and Sayeed Qutb consider recruiting some new crew for the Black Star. At the starport bar The Yellow Hiver, AL, on the run from rival criminal warlord Nee Yon Fu, decides to move to the Homeward Bound bar. Fortuitously he is approached by Kourash Arani to undertake a job that suits his talents - breaking some impounded Pysadian Anola creatures out of starport quarantine and delivering them to her collector Patron, one Viscount David Pino. Despite the Anola's attempting some low level bonding psionics on him, AL is able to complete the task with no trouble and deliver to the Free Trader Galient which happens to be parked next to the Black Star. One of Alec's security programs pings at the unexpected activity and Jake and Sayeed recognise their old contact AL and make him an offer he can't refuse.

(Feb 15, 2023) Location: Mertactor. Patron: Patron from p50 MGT Spinward Encounters

219-1105, Divine Intervention

Mertactor/District 268 [1537 Spinward Marches] - Captain Lyn Ilkani of Imperial Naval Intelligence contacts Meg, Sayeed, Jake, and AL at the Black Star with a mission. She briefs them, introducing Ruth Rodriguez the new Cultural Liaison she is adding to the team. Their mission will be to travel to Pavabid, infiltrate the floating palace, and plant a hologram message that will convince the Son of the Star that his star god wants him to allow mining rights for the Imperial aligned Collace corporations.

(Feb 22, 2023) Location: Mertactor. Patron: Classic Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention

Part 2: Flashback 211-1105 Ruth and the Refugee. Horosho/Glisten [2138 Spinward Marches] - Just over a week earlier, Ruth decides to help the desperate Joshua Gideon who has been found by the Pavabidians he left 20 years ago (after working on the Floating Palace). Ruth gets him to the Scout Base where Captain Ilkani recruits her for a mission on Pavabid with a crew of specialists.

226-1105 Arrival. Pavabid/District 268 [1238 Spinward Marches] - Meg navigates the Black Star's jump into a good orbit, Sayeed bypasses the security satellite network, Jake guides the ship down and works with Ruth to select a secluded landing spot near a Groat herd. AL scouts around, encounters a cute shepherd boy and stun guns him. Twice.

(Mar 1, 2023) Location: Horosho and Pavabid. Patron: from p52 MGT Spinward Encounters, and Classic Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention

Part 3: 226-1105 The Palace. Pavabid/District 268 [1238 Spinward Marches] - A smooth Grav Belt flight gets Sayeed, Jake, AL, Meg, and Ruth to The Floating Palace. They enter through the maintenance hatch at the bottom, stun several personal, and head to the elevators to the upper level.

(Mar 8, 2023) Location: Pavabid. Patron: Classic Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention

Part 4: 226-1105 The Upper Levels. Pavabid/District 268 [1238 Spinward Marches] - Sayeed, Jake, AL, and Meg, explore the upper level of The Floating Palace. They find it is primarily a television studio. Hacking into level three they have an encounter with a cute Wahroo guard creature which AL stuns mercilessly.

(Mar 15, 2023) Location: Pavabid. Patron: Classic Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention

Part 5: 226-1105 The Thearch Levels. Pavabid/District 268 [1238 Spinward Marches] - Sayeed, Jake, AL, Ruth and Meg, deal with two more Wahroo creatures, stun a guard who opens a door to see what the lockpicking noise was, and prepare the way for Sayeed to sneak into the Thearch's bedchamber and plant the device in the darkness.

(Mar 22, 2023) Location: Pavabid. Patron: Classic Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention

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