Sundays Gaming: Kill the Dragon!

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On Sunday February 22nd 2004 a whole bunch of us tried a cooperative skirmish wargame where the objective was to kill the Dragon.
Here then is our tale...
(and remember history is written by the webmaster)

Pictures by Gav.

Here we all are at the start with our knights and peasants arrayed around the edge of the area the Dragon has devastated. Note how we're all bright eyed and hopeful as we set off in our endeavour to work together and destroy the Red Menace.
In the picture you can see: me pretending to read and understand the rules, Pete exuding Knightly calm, Tam wearing the crown as the first Grand Knight (we quickly found out that apparently Grand Knight is a euphemism for Dragon Chow), Pete quietly confident and a sliver of Dave as he tries to come up with a strategy other than charge!

It didn't take long for the Dragon to swing into action and begin slaughtering Tam and Pete's expendable peasants who proved to be quite good at their job.

In need of reinforcements we had Scott join us and immediately duped him into becoming the next Grand Knight. In the bottom right corner you can see Gav providing us with some comic relief by having all his figures eaten by the Dragon.

Seeing that we were in trouble I donned the Grand Knight crown with a sense of true destiny and proceeded to charge one of the Dragon's vulnerable spots which just happened to be in it's back. Sir Pete the opportunist Knight watches avidly, hoping to capitalise on any damage I can do to the foul Red Beast. Dave in the meantime is wistfully contemplating whether the Charge strategy will work with only his expendable peasants left.

Pretty soon only the best of the knights were left alive on a battlefield littered with the dead. You can see my knight here valiantly facing the Dragon mano-o-mano while Pete's knight cowers behind mine.

Not even my courageous display could stop the rampaging red reptile and after a mighty battle it claimed the battlefield and the Grand Knight crown.
In the end we, and I use the term loosely (teamwork indeed), inflicted seven wounds on it leaving it with three wounds remaining.

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