The Great Dalmuti with Hats
The Great Delmuti with Hats! LtR: Ryan, Dave, Tam, Phill (in The Phill Hat), Pat, Pete, and Pete.
Photo by Gav.

The brave 72 who have been at Sundays...

Amber, Anita, Badger, Ben, Ben (Damon's Brother), Cameron, Caroline, Chris (Scott's friend), Dale, Damon, Dave, Dave F, Dave (Scott's friend), Dom, Emma, Evan, Felicity, Fry, Gav, Giacomo, Glenn, Graham, Hamish, Hugo, Indi, Jack, Jamie, Janeth, Jay, Jerome, Jenson, Jimmy, Karim, Kat, Kevin, Kurt, Kyle, Lexi, Marc, Mike, Miranda, Monique, Owen, Pat, Pete, Pete H, Peter A, Phill, Raj, Robbie, Ryan, Russell, Sammy, Saph, Sarah (Dave's sister), Sebastion, Schwab, Scott, Sophia, Steve, Steve with Junta, Tammy, Tom Hanks, Tom, Trish, Tristan, Tuck, Virginia (friends with next door), Victoria, Wayne, Winnifred

Assorted House Rules

Here you can find the House Rules we often use when playing certain games on Sundays.

The Big List Of Games Played - so far.

The 20 games played on the most occasions

PlaceGameLast Played
1(273) MagicMarch 2018
2(29) Memoir '44December 2017
3(26) DominionMarch 2018
4(21) Mechwarrior Dark Age (clicky)October 2007
5(20) JyhadOctober 2011
6(18) C&C: AncientsJanuary 2017
7(12) C&C: NapoleonicsJanuary 2018
8(12) Shadows Over CamelotJanuary 2017
9(11) RoborallyOctober 2017
10(9) DungeonquestMay 2017
11(9) MythosMay 2012
12(8) PandemicApril 2017
13(8) Settlers of CatanNovember 2010
14(7) Battle CryOctober 2017
15(7) Battlestar GalacticaMarch 2012
16(7) C&C MedievalOctober 2016
17(7) Elder SignNovember 2017
18(7) Race for the GalaxyMarch 2018
19(7) Samurai BattlesApril 2017
20(6) On the EdgeFebruary 2018

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