Sundays Gaming: Space Hulk

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On Sunday February 9th Space Marines controlled by Gav, Glenn and Pete intruded upon the Hulk infested by the Genestealer Brood controlled by Phill.

The following pictures were taken by Gav early on in the game.

This first picture gives you an overview of the board. Gav's squad is off to the left, Pete's is in the Middle and Glenn's is in the bottom right.
The aim was to kill the Genestealer Patriarch in the room towards the top left. Nerve Gasing the Stealer nest and shutting down the elevators would make this much easier.
Also in the picture you can see: myself in deep thought, Gav's girlfriend Jo completely absorbed in the game, the tip of Pete's nose to the left and Jed playing Xbox in the background.

Whole board

Gav's squad head towards the air shaft in all their glory including the Lightning Claws carrying the all important Nerve Gas.

Gav's Squad

His Marines were soon fighting for their lives.

Marine in Trouble

The stealers were doing their usual Cha Cha lines and moving at blurring speed.

Stealer CHa Cha

Glenn's squad calmly ignore my stealers on their way to turn on the auto guns and shut down the elevators and my hopes.

Glenn's squad

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