Matty and Phill's Excellent
Tasmanian Adventure

In February of 2001 Matty and I went for a whirlwind week long tour of Tassie. We managed to see a fair bit but didn't have time to linger at too many places.

(I'm pretty bad at being a camera happy tourist so these are the photos I remembered to take.)

Departure and Day One

We boarded the Spirit of Tasmania in the late afternoon for the overnight trip across to Tasmania.


After only a short time on board we discovered evidence of the global conspiracy...

And headed off to the bar to pass the time.


Then we settled into our cosy little cabin

Goodbye Melbourne.

The overnight sailing was quite smooth and we found it easy to fall asleep to the thrum of the engines.

Early next morning we sailed into Devonport.

My favourite one was the Caramel Sundae, yum!

Finally we arrived at Bill and Ness's house in Launceston to catch up and spend a quiet evening in.


After finally getting off the boat we headed off to Launceston, getting our first glimpse of the local roadkill before taking a little detour to visit some caves near Mole Creek which were pretty cool. (note the penguin in the centre of the picture)

Matty wearing the mandatory Hawaiian shirt and trying to work out how to get to our next destination.

WOW! of you have come to look so far.

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