Matty and Phill's Excellent
Tasmanian Adventure

Days Two and Three

In which our intrepid heroes travel the East coast and have to survive a night in a quiet country town.


Our first stop was just outside of Launceston for some hang gliding. This is the one and only photo I'm in so make the most of it.

To get to the falls we had to walk through some great rain foresty stuff and Matty got to pretend to be a Gorilla.

Not too much happened for the rest of the day except for driving down the East coast. We did stop to look at the spray from the sea roll over the road at one point in a particularly poetic and photogenic manner which I completely didn't think to get the camera out for. There was also an old church and graveyard and a beach piled up with seashells.


We then dropped by a couple of wineries as we headed East where I forgot to take photos but picked up a bottle of delicious Blueberry liqueur and Matty had to do the driving for a while.

Eventually (after passing much roadkill) we arrived at St Columbia Falls

We then got serious and took an arty angular shot of the falls.

We stayed the night in nice quiet Swansea, had a walk on the beach and played cards until we were tired enough to go to bed.

The next morning we were up bright and early to visit Freycinet National Park. Here's my attempt at a panning shot of what we were approaching on that dull grey morn.

We took the walk up to one of the lookouts threading our way between the granite boulders.
Here's Matty pointing one of them out to me with his middle finger.

When we arrived at the lookout there was quite a nice view of Wineglass Bay apart from the gray skies and slight drizzle, so I had a go at another panning shot.

Next it was on to see the historic Richmond Bridge...

Then we went down the peninsula that the exhorbinantely priced Port Arthur is on and saw blowholes..

...and beautiful coastline.


...where I was mugged by ducks!


...and big holes...

Before zooming over to Hobart to catch up with Saph and her crazy and very friendly hound.

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