Notes from 7th April, 2009

The weather is fine, it is about 10am in the morning and it is a Monday. The weather is warm with a possible thunderstorm coming in from the coast.

We begin with Reese who knows Steve Banks, they did a project together and became friends and are both members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Steve's Mom her name is Melissa calls. Reese's dorm room phone rings. "Hi, this is Steve Banks Mom, my name is Melissa. I got your number from the telephone directory." This is true, Reese is listed.

"I am just wondering if you could call Steve. He is not returning my calls. I did get though to him earlier and I know how this sounds, but He sounded strange. I have his current address and telephone number. You guys were friends right?"

Reese calls Gabriel to let him know that he received a call from Melissa Banks and wants it traced. A fire begins at 10:12am. Reese then heads over to Steve's dorm room, but when he arrives he sees that it is on fire. Reece calls Gabriel to let him know. Reese also attempts to interview witnesses.

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