2) Notes from 7th April, 2009

Gabriel calls Star and tells her to go over to Las Vegas University dorm rooms to keep an eye on Reece and check out the fire. Gabriel also confirms that there is actually a fire and local brigades have attended. A big crowd gathers at the scene of the fire including local and University news crews and students.

Firemen put out fire. The Coroner turns up - Reece recognises him and he recognises Reece. Gabriel comes down to look himself before bodies are taken away. He looks around the crowd and notices someone who doesn't quite fit. He is of South Asian appearance and is possibly a cab-driver. As soon as this individual notices Star approaching him, he bolts. Reece and Star, eager to help and be involved in the action, chase the stranger. Both, however, are ridiculously unfit and are winded extremely quickly. The stranger gets away.

Aleksandra disguises herself as a news anchor and comes to the fire. She attempts an interview with Gabriel, but he recognises her. She and Gabriel make it into the crime scene. Gabriel is confronted and overwhelmed by the stench of burnt flesh and hurls.

Steve's dorm room is extensively damaged in the fire.

Reece proceeds to go the Dean of Engineering, Dr Wilfred Armstrong, and asks to access Steve's office. Wilfred knows Reece and tells him Steve's office is unlocked.

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