3) Notes from 7th April, 2009

Reece searches Steve's office and computer and finds a recurring code phrase "Mr. White" which he uses to decipher an encrypted text file. This reveals that Steve was meeting regularly with Dr Skelton of the psychology department, beginning 6 months ago and getting increasingly frequent over the last few weeks. Dr Skelton's phone number is listed. There are also a huge number of files about CIA mind control experiments and numerous web site addresses on the computer. Reese takes a copy.

Reece also finds a personal diary describing some sort of drug he was taking for Skelton and recording strange meetings with a man named Mr White. His diary also revealed a growing paranoia that something was happening to his mind. Reese takes a copy. They also find Steve's address book which have several of Steve's personal friends and also his mother's (Melissa Banks) phone number. Reece copied the files and Reece calls Gabriel to let him know.

Ethan called in a "friend" who obtained the autopsy report which identified one of the bodies as Steve Banks, the other one was an unidentified 300lb man.

The Coroner was extremely puzzled.

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