Notes from 21st April through 5th May, 2009

Where to from here.

Gabriel check and sees that the Police & Fire Reports have been logged. The reports state that the fire started at 10:12 am and spread rapidly though the building. No fire accelerator was found at the scene but arson is suspected . The blast evidence, the extreme intensity of the head indicate that some sort of incendiary device was used. This kind of damages is NOT possible in a normal fire. One witness interviewed stated that she saw a red haired main with a red beard race out of the building shortly after the fire broke out. No one interviewed recognises the description except Reese. He knows the running man as Dr Robert Skelton.

A party of eight descend at 3am on the office of the former Psychology Professor a Dr Robert Skelton. The office is empty and has been even his computer is gone. The papers that remain relates solely to his classes, which focus on neurobiology and drug stimulation of different parts of the brain. A sheet of paper is found under the desk against the wall. Four names are on the paper: Steve Banks, Diana Close, Lisa Smith and Alex Renfield. There is a "C" next to Lisa's name.

Alex Renfield committed suicide at 8pm on the day of the fire he jumped from his tenth story apartment window.

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