2) Notes from 21st April through 5th May, 2009

Several members of the Cell then check out Skeltons home address. No one is home, all of his personal possessions are missing, the luggage is gone as well. Skelton's home laboratory has been ransacked thoroughly and methodically. The equipment remains undisturbed, but most paperwork and samples are missing. The job was obviously rushed, however and a number of vials lie in the sink. A few contain traces of some kind of liquid.

Susan Strunk is a short redhead in her mid 20's and the girlfriend of Steve Banks and her address is 25 El Parque Ave Canyon Gate. Or 159 on the map of Las Vegas. Next door is a crack house.

Investigating Susan leads four members of the party to her house, it is in the dodgy neighborhood of Canyon Gate. Vince gets out of the car and is immediately recognised as an ex-biker from the "Barely Angry" club. He managed to intimated three hoods who thought he was bringing the pigs down on them, but with weapon drawn Vince was startled by someone at the front door of the crack house with also with a weapon. Since Vince is continually operating under the declared opportunity action "I attack the first thing that surprised or startles me." He fires. Thus begins a fire fight leaving multiple fatalities but looking like a revenge biker hit.

Susan believes she has been kidnapped and is being held at the "Laundry".

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