Notes from December 1, 2009

It all started on the morning of Thursday the third of December. The weather was fine. For the last two weeks, GCTB has been advertising a special episode of its nationally syndicated "science news" show, "Visions Beyond", hosted by Amanda Tapping. The ads proclaim that an autopsy of an actual alien will be broadcast over the course of a two-part presentation. Vince & Reese tune in but Vince assumes that the show to be another of many hoaxes and frauds feeding the current alien craze. Reese has it on his TiVo on series record but watches it live wishing he could fast forward through the advertising. Vince quickly revises his opinion. The opening promo shots reveal glimpses of an alien corpse in a cryogenic tube that are more than sufficient to prove that this show, unlike many others is indeed real. Vince, Alexandra & Arthur watch in rapt horror. Reese sent a reminder SMS to Gabriel to watch but missed the significance of the opening sequence. Gabriel tunes in only after Vince calls. An alert message is issued for all to attend the "Laundry". All attend before the shows ends, Reese replays it from his PVR.

Ethan arrives and is looking pale and tired. No one asks.

The show opens with a shot of the Earth. As the background music, rises and then suddenly quits, the camera pans across to Amanda Tapping standing against a starscape background.

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