2) Notes from December 1, 2009

"Since Man first lifted his eyes to the stars from the Great Rift Valley, he has wondered what is out there. With the end of the Mayan calendar approaching and society becoming more fixated with the end of the world, our doubts and fears about what lies beyond grow. Are we alone in the vast? While some may deny the Truth, or hide it under a veil of disinformation, tonight, we take our first look at what is known. You all, everyone watching, will have a...Vision Beyond."

Credits roll across the screen, the theme music surges and the starscape dissolves. A number of pictures, with dates and locations identified, begin to flash into view one after another. The pictures show alien beings with thin, spindly, gray bodies, bulbous heads, and slanted almond shaped eyes. They date from the 1950's to the present, and list places from China to Arizona to Norway's floating disk. Amanda Tapping voice returns.

"At first dozens and then hundreds of eyewitness reports emerging from the farthest corners of the Earth, The witnesses come from all faiths, all nations, all creeds and all occupations, How can a tribesman from Africa, a farmer from western China, and utility worker from Texas all describe the same thing, independently and without any prior belief in such a thing? In truth, we have been visited, not once, but many times, and now there is proof".

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