5) Notes from December 1, 2009

Gabriel makes the decision to check it out. Our brave Cell then heads to where Arthur's chopper is berthed. Approaching it at 12:30am on Friday the temperature and wind chill is having an effect on everyone except Arthur. After just arriving at Hag's Lip the team with help from the search and rescue spotlight discover what they are after. The wreak is small and just as Arthur is making a landing approach. A large saucer arrives from behind the "Lip", it drifts down then rises silently with the much smaller partially destroyed ship hovering slightly below and behind it. It appears as if the larger craft to be towing to smaller one.

Much discussion happens aboard our chopper. Everyone is looking for weapons, Arthur has a mount in the back to fit a heavy machine gun but owns none. There is crop dusting equipment fitted underside which maybe adapted. Shoot or not to shoot is the call, Gabriel wants Cindy to shoot, Ethan says, "You will do no damage but piss them off."

A warm sensation passes over Alexandra and Ethan.

The UFO tandem halts for a few more seconds as it nears the Chopper. Arthur banks. The saucers streak off and disappear. Arthur then makes a perfect landing so much so that the only one to notice is Ethan, who rushes off to investigate the crash site. When the rest of the party arrives they find Ethan in a catatonic state.

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