4) Notes from December 1, 2009

Amanda continues, "This is not a farce, or a publicity hoax. To verify the amazing evidence we plan to present at 8pm on Friday a team of renowned biologist, doctors, and zoologist is flying in from Johns Hopkins University to inspect the corpse and attest to its authenticity. None of these learned gentlemen and women have any prior contact with this station or GarCam. You cannot afford to miss next week's exciting... Visions Beyond."

Cindy lets go a comment about how the world should know but is convinced by Gabriel that, that would be a mistake at the moment.

Ethan then makes a few calls and is busy for a while.

Reese joins an online live chat form after the shows conclusion, it is here that he meets an old coot claiming that the UFO crashed on his property. The old coot is Herbert Lawry and he is running his PC from a battery charged by solar energy. Reese chats further with Herbert and finds out that Herbert's property is called Coldtree Farm in Spring Valley, which is just south of Las Vegas. Herbert lives on a subsistence farm up in the hills. And he describes a disc-shaped saucer that streaked overhead silently and landed near Hag's Lip, an outcropping of rock a mile or so from his farm. It is here that he loses most people who disagree that it could ever have "landed" silently.

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