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PhudgeTRAVELLER Character Creation

TNS NEWSFLASH - With the release of Mongoose Traveller it will be simple to convert after the character creation process so I will be creating Phudge Traveller characters that way in future.

You will need a pen or pencil, paper or a character sheet, 3 Fudge dice, 2d3 and 1d6.

You will need to reference the Racial Packages (if your character is going to be anything other than an Imperial Human) and the List of Careers.

If you own the Classic Traveller books then they can be used to enhance character generation.

1 Generate Attributes

Characters have five Attributes: Strength, Agility, Health, Perception and Willpower.

Note: As I have used Phudge, my version of Fudge, as a base for this system those stats are used here instead of the Traveller ones. However because of it's importance in the Traveller universe Social Standing still exists but is treated as a gift.

All Attributes must be in the Terrible to Superb range.
Attribute Changes from a Racial Package shift this range. Positive Changes shift both ends of the range while Negative Changes only shift the upper edge.

e.g. +1 Strength makes both edges of the range one higher while -1 Agility makes only the upper edge lower.

Generate your characters' Attributes using either the Random method or the Building method.

Random Method

To generate Attributes randomly roll 3dF five times starting at Fair. Assign the results to the Attributes in any way you like.

Adjust these values as indicated in any Racial Package chosen.

If the average of the Attributes is less than Fair, (or racial average), then increase any of them until an average of Fair (or racial average) is reached.


Building Method

All attributes start at Fair. Adjust them as indicated in any Racial Package chosen.

Each character has two free attribute levels, either raising one attribute two levels, or two attributes one level each.

Once you've done this you may raise any Attribute if another is lowered by the same amount.

2 Career Generation

Choose a career from the List of Careers and make the indicated entry requirement roll against the indicated Attribute.

Characters that fail to gain entry to their chosen career must submit to the draft and roll 1d6 on the table below. They automatically enter the career rolled.

6Choose any career not previously
tried and roll to enter it as normal

Roll 2d3 for the number of four-year terms served in the career.

For each Term of service go through the following steps.

Step 1 Commission and Promotion

Roll 1dF, on a [+] or [ ] increase in rank. The first increase is a commission to Rank 1 all others are promotions.

Note: You may choose to skip this roll if you don't want your character to be an officer.

CT Books: An uncommissioned character automatically increases by one enlisted rank per term.

Step 2 Special Duty

Roll 1dF, on a [+] or [ ] gain an extra Gift from the list for this career.

CT Books: For flavour roll the special duty on the special duty table for the career.

Step 3 Income

Gain the indicated income for the term.

CT Books: Make terms/2 (round down) rolls on the Cash Mustering out tables at the end of your characters career instead of taking income term by term.

Step 4 Ageing

If this is the fourth or later term then ageing rolls must be made.

Consult the ageing table and roll 1dF for each attribute indicated.

On a [-] drop the attribute by one and take an age-related fault.

If as a result of ageing an attribute is reduced below Terrible then an ageing crisis has occurred. Roll 4dF for [+] or better to avoid death, with modifiers for medical skill of attending medics. If the roll is made then character generation ends with this term and 1d6 months of medical treatment is needed before the attribute is raised back to Terrible and the character may go adventuring.

TermsAge(s)StrengthAgilityHealth PerceptionWillpower
12+66,70,etcY YY YY YY-

3 Skills

Your character receives Skill Points equal to the number of terms served plus an additional 1.

You have to spend a minimum of half your Skill Points, rounding down, in your career Training Area Group(s) and must spend points in at least two different Groups.

A Fair skill may be traded for two Mediocre skills from the same Group.

Skill Points Spent in a Group Skills in that Group,
at which Levels
General Skills Point
(max 1)
Skills from any two or three groups
11 at Fair
3 at Mediocre
1 at Good
1 at Mediocre
1 at Fair
2 at Mediocre
21 at Good
3 at Fair
1 at Mediocre
1 at Great
1 at Good
1 at Mediocre
A Fair skill may be traded for two Mediocre skills from the same Group.
31 at Great
2 at Good
2 at Fair
1 at Mediocre
1 at Superb
1 at Great
1 at Fair
1 at Mediocre
41 at Superb
1 at Great
3 at Good
1 at Fair
51 at Superb
2 at Great
4 at Good

Skill Groups

Skills marked with * are available in more than one group.

Some skills require a specific type to be chosen. All other types are at one level lower.

Combat Skills

*Athletics and Sport[Bow Weapons or Thrown Weapons]
*Demolitions and Explosives
Gun Combat[archaic, pistol, rifle, energy]
Heavy Weapons[Artillery, Man Portable, Vehicle]
Melee Weapons[Brawling, small, hand, 2hand, exotic]

Covert Skills

*Persuasion[Fast Talk]

Exploration Skills

*Animals[choose an area]
Exploration and Survey
*Vacc Suit

Professional Skills

Academic[choose an area]
*Admin and Legal
*Athletics and Sport[choose an area]
Art[choose an area]
Medic (xeno-medical as Gift)
Science[choose an area]
Trade[choose an area]

Social Skills

*Admin and Legal
*Persuasion[Diplomacy, Fast Talk, Liaison]

Space Skills

*Remote Operations
*Spacecraft Engineering
Spacecraft Gunnery[Turret, Bay, Spinal]
Spacecraft Navigation
*Spacecraft Pilot[Large or Small Craft]
*Sensors, Comms and Screens
*Vacc Suit

Technician Skills

*Demolitions and Explosives
*Remote Operations
*Sensors, Comms and Screens
*Spacecraft Engineering
Technician [Combat Engineering, Electronics, Gravitics, Mechanical, Weapon Engineering]

Transport Skills

*Animals[Riding or Teamster]
*Athletics and Sport[choose type of Muscle Powered Transport]
Flying Vehicle[Large or Small Craft, or Grav]
Ground Vehicle[choose type]
*Spacecraft Pilot[Small Craft]
Water Vehicle[Large or Small Craft]

Psionic Powers
(One Gift must be used for 'Psionic Training')

Awareness (of self)

4 Gifts and Faults

Your character receives two free Gifts and must take two Faults, all of your choice. These are in addition to any gained from a career. You can look at the example lists for an idea of the type of things that can be Gifts or Faults then decide on your characters Gifts and Faults. All your Gifts and Faults must be approved by the GM.

5 Secondary Traits

These are all calculated as in Standard Phudge Traits

6 Fudge Points

Your character starts with 3 Fudge points and gains 1 at the start of every game session.

Fudge points may also be given out at the discretion of the GM.

During the game you may spend Fudge points to:

7 Motivation

Choose your characters beginning motivation and fill it in on the character sheet. A characters motivation can change during the course of a campaign.

8 Concept

Choose your characters concept and fill it in on the character sheet. This is a brief character description. It should give a basic idea of your character, and can include things like occupation and personality quirks.

e.g. J. Citizen - Normal everyday person; or Enli Gaarikaan - Disturbed Ex-marine.

9 Equipment

Your character starts with a modicum of equipment appropriate to their career and the setting. Extra equipment may be purchased from starting money.

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