5th Dawn underway

Our Fifth Dawn post release under way.

The Tuesdays/Sundays Magic Page

@ GoogleGroups page for Magic post-release mailing list to join the email list or adjust your list settings.
The old Magic list info page.

Restrictions and Rewordings

Contains a list of the cards that we restrict to one copy per full 60 cards in the deck and the text of cards reworded to make them work better in our usual multi-player environment.

Current Restrictions and Rewordings

Our Post-Release Sealed Deck Tournaments

Rules for our tournaments

Results from our tournaments

Random Format Format

The pdf of the RFF cards (March 2018 version).

Crazy Gav Bucks Night Format

All the rules for the Crazy Gav Bucks Night Format.

Random Seating Cards

The pdf of the random seating cards.

Deep IQ Files

Original from wooberg.net (defunct) and then https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/serious-fun/deep-iq-2013-06-11

Deep IQ - with colour specific effects

The pdf of the Summary and tables, Token Chart, Spooky Chart, and how some abilities work (v0.98 Oct 30, 2022).

Older Deep IQ 2013 - with tweaks and colour identity

The pdf of the Summary and tables.
The Spooky Chart.

Phill's Deck stats

If you're interested here is a big (~200 Kb) web page export from my decks spreadsheet updated January 2009.

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