3) Notes from December 1, 2009

The majority of the first episode includes a series of interview with eyewitnesses. These are not the usual collection of rednecks and drunken fratboys, however. A nationally known economist, he did the market report on Fox last week. A city councilman, a neurosurgeon, and a housewife and mother of five calmly tell their stories, neither speculating on what they saw nor denying the validity of the interviewer's and their own doubts. The last portion of the program presents a brief overview of modern UFO theory, from the events at Roswell, New Mexico, to project BLUEBOOK and MUFON to the history of the X-Files, Stargate and Conspiracy X line of products, and conspiracy theory. Amanda then delivers the final kicker.

"Our most compelling evidence will be shown tomorrow - the actual vivisection and examination of one of these alien bodies, recovered from the wreckage of a downed UFO. Please join us, so that you too may understand these... Visions Beyond."

Behind Amanda is the cryogenic tube. Ethan and Arthur recognise it as Grey Alien Technology and it has a distinctive look. A simple check with HERMES from Gabriel confirms it. The tube is real. The consequences of the autopsy are now apparent.

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