Phudge Action Resolution

The Basic Action Roll

The Basic Action roll is 4df modifying a trait level against the difficulty of the task.

Taking Your Time

Taking twice the time to perform an action lowers the difficulty by one.

e.g. 2 hours to perform a one hour repair lowers it from Fair to Mediocre.
Aiming in combat is classed as Taking Your Time (and is different from targeting a specific body part).

Advantage and Disadvantage

If you have an Advantage for an action resolution then you remove one '-' from the dice roll before determining your result.
Likewise if you have a Disadvantage for an action resolution then you remove one '+' from the dice roll before determining your result.

An Advantage or Disadvantage may be gained if a character has any Trait, or does anything, that may help them in the action they are trying to perform.

e.g. A Rugged Good Looks Gift may give an Advantage on a seduction attempt.
A Fault of Rubs People the Wrong Way may give a Disadvantage for any persuasion attempts.

Multiple Advantages and Disadvantages cancel each other out with any remainder stacking up as shown below:

Effect on Roll
11 Advantage1 Disadvantage
22 Advantages2 Disadvantages
3+1 and 1 Advantage-1 and 1 Disadvantage
5+2 and 1 Advantage-2 and 1 Disadvantage


Critical Success and Failure

A dice result of [+][+][+][+] or a task result of Legendary and above is a Critical Success.

A dice result of [-][-][-][-] or a task result of Abysmal and below is a Critical Failure.

Advantages, Disadvantages and other modifiers do not stop these rolls being critical though they do apply afterwards to determine how critical the result is.

Extra Effect

On any roll a character can declare an attempt to achieve an Extra Effect beyond the basic level of success.

e.g. When searching a room Extra Effect may be finding a second clue or leaving the room undisturbed.

If the result of a roll is two levels higher than the Difficulty then any Extra Effect that was being attempted occurs. The GM will also add extra effects as appropriate.

If no Extra Effect is pre-declared then success may just be at the basic level. Combat attacks are an exception to this as they default to a damage level increase for each level above the difficulty.

e.g. In combat an attempt to disarm the opponent requires an Extra Effect and attempting this will negate the default increase to weapon damage.