Phudge Weapons (draft)

Aims and Assumptions

To create a simple weapons system that divides weapons into broad types having certain stats in common.
To provide more detail than Vanilla Fudge while minimising any increase in complexity during gameplay.

Weapon Types


Small, Hand Weapon, 2 Handed, Exotic


Bow, Thrown
Small Pistol, Large Pistol, Rifle, Support, Vehicle, Starship

Stats Line

Namee.g. Revolver
Typee.g. small pistol, rifle, hand wpn, used for conceal & enc
Shots6 Single, 4 Burst, 3 Full Auto etc
Range (Normal/Maximum)
DamageDamage Rating as in Phudge Damage

Stats Identical for Class

Concealability rated Terr to Sup (difficulty of Perception)

Ranged Weapons


Combine Phudge Labels and distances with Grammarye/Terra Incognito/Phudge Deadlands descriptors.

Phudge RangeGrammaryeTerra Incognita
Touch--1Point Blank (contact)
Close5m0 close fightingv Short (across table)
Very Short15mShort (across room)
Short50m+1 thrown weaponMedium (down block)
Medium150mLong (several blocks)
Long500m+2 sight/pow wpnVery Long (several ovals)
Very Long1500m
Extreme5000m+4 out of sightExtreme (as far as can see)

Normal Range: All ranged weapons have a Normal range at which a Good task roll is required to hit. E.g. Auto Pistol Medium

Close Range: The base difficulty at Close range is Fair, unless Close range is the weapons Normal range. It is up to the GM to decide if a weapon bearer is at a disadvantage for being too close based on the actual circumstances.

Maximum Range: Weapons can shoot into the next higher range band. This has a base difficulty of Superb and gains no damage bonus for Relative Degree.

Rate of Fire

Auto fire gives a bonus to hit and all bullets are wrapped up into 1 bundle so that 'I fire a burst' is a quick action.

ROFBase to hitBase Damage ModMulti-Target Spread Fire
Burst (2-5)Good+1No
Full Auto (6-10)Fair+2Relative Degree = targets hit up to number declared
+1 dam each for each remaining point of Relative Degree
FA (11-20)Mediocre+3
FA extra +10Poor+1 each

e.g. Rate of Fire: pistol single, SMG Burst, HMG Full(10), M16 Burst or Full

Area Effect

Armour Piercing (as attribute/Gift of weapon)

Abstract Ammunition Ideas

Any attack roll of [ ][ ][ ][ ] or containing [ ][ ][ ], indicates that the weapon is out of ammunition.

When Burst or Full Auto is used then, until the weapon is reloaded, rolls containing [ ][ ] also indicates that the weapon is out of ammunition.


Roll a dice with equal or less sides than the number of shots the weapon has along with the Fudge dice. If the ammo dice comes up 1 then the weapon is out of ammo.

E.g. for a 6 shooter roll a d6, for a 14 round auto pistol roll a d12, for a auto rifle that fires 5 bursts of 3 rounds roll a d4.

When Burst or Full Auto is used halve the dice type (round up) until the weapon is reloaded.

E.g. a d10 assault rifle is used Full Auto and so rolls d6 for ammo.

For Full Auto fire and Heavy Weapons any miss also indicates that the weapon is out of ammunition.

Extra ammo capacity allows the wielder to ignore the first out of ammo roll.


These conversions are not designed to stand up to abuse but as a way for weapons from other RPG systems to be converted to this weapons system. It is probably very easy to create killer weapons and the converted weapons may need to be adjusted.


To be done



Look up the dice component on the table below. Note anything like AP or Area Effect after the damage value.

Gurps DamageFudgeLMH
Up to 2d1Scratch
2d+1 to 4d2Low
4d+1 to 6d3Mid
6d+1 to 7d4Mid
7d+1 to 9d5High
9d+1 to 10d6High
10d+1 to 11d7Low+High
11d+1 to 13d8Mid+High
13d+1 to 14d9Mid+High
14d+1 or more10+All
GURPS MultiplierFudge Multiplier
x2 to x15x2
x16 to x25x3
x26 to x35x4
x36 to x45x5
then goes by groups of 10

Rough Fudge Damage = (avg dam of GURPS weapon)×20%

11-30Very Short
751-3000Very Long

Range = 1/2D (treat as m, choose closest range band)



6d to 7d8Mid×2
8d to 9d10High×2
10d to 11d11Mid×3
12d to 15d15High×3
16d or more20+High×4

note: setting each # of dice actually used in CT to a different Fudge damage

Ammo Types

Classic DS = Norm, HEAP = AP, HE norm dif range and damage