Phudge Wealth (draft)

Wealth and Income

Characters have a Wealth and an Income trait.

Wealth represents the characters savings and other liquid assets.

Income has a time period. Every Income period if your Wealth is lower than your Income it becomes equal to your Income level.

Wealth / IncomeAmount Description
Modern / FutureFantasy
Beyond LegendaryTrillions
AmazingHundreds of Millions
SuperbMillionsHundreds of thousandsVery Wealthy
GreatHundreds of thousandsTens of ThousandsWealthy
GoodTens of ThousandsThousands of coinsProsperous
FairThousandsBag (hundreds of coins)Moderately well off
MediocreHundredsDozens of coins(Average wealth?)
PoorTens A few coinsStruggling
TerribleNothing Dead Broke



If Wealth and Income are at the same level and you purchase nothing more costly than 2 levels below your Wealth for 5 income periods increase your Wealth by one level.

Pooling Your Resources

Older Alternate Ideas

Buying beyond your means

Roll for anything more than halfway towards next Wealth level. Bargaining or merchant type skills and appropriate Gifts and Faults may give Advantages and Disadvantages on this roll @ the GM's discretion.
[nature of roll]
if failed drop wealth one level.

ideas from Fudge Factor #16

levels roughly 5 times bigger than previous $5, $25, $125 etc.

liquid assets