Phudge Damage and Healing


To determine Damage take the Weapons Damage Rating, shift it up by one level for each Degree of Success above the first.

e.g. A shot with a pistol hits with a Degree of Success of 2. Damage is Mediocre, shifted up to a final damage of Fair by the Degree of Success.

MeleeRangedDamage RatingConversions
Vanilla FudgeLMHTraveller
UnarmedShort BowPoor1Scratch1d
Small WeaponLong Bow, Small PistolMediocre2Low2d
Hand WeaponCrossbow, Large Pistol, Small RifleFair3Mid3d
2 Handed WeaponLarge RifleGood4High4d
-HeavyGreat5High + Low5d-7d
Seige WeaponsSupportSuperb6High + Mid8d-11d
-Spinal MountBeyond Legendary9--

Weapon Scale Differences

There are 3 scales of weapons.

For each level of scale higher than the target lower the targets armour by 2 (increase the damage if no armour left to reduce).

For each level of scale lower than the target lower the damage by 2.

In both cases the Targets remaining Armour still applies.

e.g. An unarmoured assailant fires a Pistol at a tank.
The pistol shot hits the Tank with a Fair damage result. Scale reduces the damage two steps to Poor and then the tanks armour is applied.
The tank then fires back with a Superb damage result. As the target has no armour Scale increases the damage two steps to Legendary.


Armour reduces the damage a number of steps equal to its armour value.

e.g. A character wearing Armour Value 2 armour is hit for Good damage. The armour reduces this to Mediocre Damage.


Natural Healing

Once per day, after a 'good night's rest', each character first heals all scratches and then makes a Health roll versus the Healing Difficulty of their highest wound level (ignoring wound dice).

WoundHurtVery HurtIncapacitatedNear Death
Healing DifficultyFairGoodGreatSuperb

When there is no space to lower the wound into push one of the next lowest wounds down one level instead.

Medical Care

If a character has been under medical care during their 'good night's rest' then the doctor/carer may make a second Natural Healing roll for the character using their Medical skill instead of the characters health.