PHUDGE Deadlands

These are my conversion and game notes for Deadlands. Initially I heavily referenced the 1st edition Deadlands book and some of the revised edition changes.

After using these rules for character creation and 2 sessions of play I was not entirely satisfied, there was still a bit too much complexity in some areas. I decided to head the conversion back towards being mostly about feel and setting and less about mechanics.

With the beginning of Volume Two of the campaign I have been aligning the rules much more with my Phudge version of Fudge - changing from Deadlands with Fudge to Phudge with Deadlands tweaks.

The rules I originally came up with can be found on the Old Ways page.

* Dispatches from the Darkness *

The Game Log

* The Basics *

The Main Conversions

* The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of *

Creating Characters

* Gear *

Characters Equipment

* Blowin' Things All to Hell *


* Fate Chips and Bounties *

The Fudge Point and Experience Systems

* Arcane Abilities *

Arcane Abilities

* Old Ways *

Old Ways of Fudging Deadlands

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