FUDGE Deadlands

* Optional Rules *

* Blowin' Things All to Hell * - Combat

The Action Deck

Make a Quickness roll and use the table in the Basics to determine the number of extra cards received. Then choose up to three cards to keep.

Movement and Carrying

If you want to be bothered working these out use the die type equivalents for the relevant Traits.


Use the range rules presented below with the weapons to determine the base difficulty.


Fightin' is an opposed roll between the attacker and the defender.


Damage rolls, Hit Locations and Armour all work as in the Deadlands book.

All damage done is assessed against the modified Fudge Damage Track shown below.

Wind - Scratches represent Wind so ignore the Wind component of damage unless the damage is only to Wind, in which case it does one Scratch for every D6 or part thereof.
Treat costs in Wind, such as for Hexes, the same as damage only to wind.
If all Scratches are filled then a character is out of action as all wind has been lost. Further damage is handled by normal use of the Fudge damage track.

Healing: One Scratch is healed every 4 minutes. All other wounds heal at the rate of their Deadlands equivalent.

Damage Fudge
Terrible - Poor
Mediocre - Fair
Wound Fudge
Very Hurt
Near Death
Stun RollMediocreFairGoodGreatSuperb
Wound Dice Penalty-1 Dice2 Dice3 Dice4 Dice

Stun rolls are made against Vigor using the wound just taken but including any penalties for existing wounds.

Higher wound levels will cause wound dice penalties. Wound Dice are Fudge dice which are only counted if they come up showing '-', they are added to all dice rolls for the character. (Wound Dice penalties are not cumulative, use the worst wound).


I am no longer using coordination in my game. I am leaving the Coordination rules here so that others can see the way that I went about converting it when I thought it was necessary.

The Coordination of an Attributes (Trait) is determined during character creation in the same way as in the deadlands rules. The Coordination of an Aptitude(Skill) is equal to the Coordination of it's related Attribute (Trait).

Card        FUDGE LEVEL                 Suit     Coordination
----        -----------                 ----     ------------
2           MEDIOCRE                    Clubs         1
3-8         FAIR                        Diamonds      2
9-Jack      GOOD                        Hearts        3
Queen-King  GREAT                       Spades        4
Ace         SUPERB                    
Joker       SUPERB (mysterious past)

Coordination is used in two ways:

  1. To provide open-ended rolls
    If only pluses are showing on the dice (ignoring blanks) then roll extra '+' only dice (FUDGE dice which are only counted if they come up showing '+') equal to the coordination of that Trait or Aptitude.
  2. To determine the chance of 'going bust'
    If only minus's are showing on the dice (ignoring blanks) and the number of minus's is equal to or greater than the coordination of that Trait or Aptitude then you have 'gone bust'.

Hex and Ritual coordinations are taken from their traits.

The cost to improve Coordination when spending Bounty Points is shown below.

New Coordination    2   3   4   5
Cost for Trait      4   6   8  10
Cost for Aptitude   2   3   4   5


Keep most of the same stats except for range which is worked out as shown below.


Inspired by John Harpers gunslinging rules, descriptive ranges and distances used in many other FUDGE rule sets and my habit and desire as a GM to give distances roughly rather than to the exact metre.

Ranged weapons have three ranges, Short, Long and Extreme. Each range always has the same difficulty but the distance varies for each weapon.

Distances are as shown below.

Descriptive        Rough Distance              Range Inc
                                   Short GOOD  Long GREAT  Extreme SUPERB
-----------------  --------------  ----------  ----------  --------------
In yer face            2 m
Across the room       10 m              5
Across the street     30 m             10           5
Down the street       50 m             15          10            5
Few Hundred Yards    200 m                         15           10
Half a Mile          500 m                                      15

 Range Inc  Short  GOOD        Long  GREAT        Extreme  SUPERB     
    5      Across the room    Across the street  Down the street
   10      Across the street  Down the street    Few Hundred Yards
   20      Down the street    Few Hundred Yards  Half a Mile

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