PHUDGE Deadlands

* Blowin' Things All to Hell * - Combat

The Action Deck and multiple actions, while a nifty idea, has proved far too clunky in actual use.
However we have come up with a way to incorporate the cards into the usual Phudge Initiative.


Initiative uses one action deck shared between all participants.

To determine initiative:

Redetermine Initiative every 3 rounds.


You must choose a Joker if there is one amongst your cards. The red and black Jokers affect initiative in different ways and if either one is drawn reshuffle the action deck.

Black - go last every round, with one [-]only dice added to every roll.

Red - go first every round, with one [+]only dice added to every roll, and can automatically interrupt if holding your action


When it is a characters turn to act in the round they can do one Complex/Major action and a few Minor/Simple ones.

Complex actions are things like: a flurry of snap-fire ranged attacks, a single aimed shot, Hex Casting, drawing a weapon, reloading etc.

Simple actions are things like walking and talking.

Holding your action - A character can hold their action. They must win an opposed Agility roll to interrupt another character and act before them.

Quick Draw

As drawing a weapon is normally your whole action for the round a successful Quick-Draw roll against the weapon's Quick-draw Difficulty (see Gear) means you can draw and snap-fire on the same turn.

Movement and Carrying

One basic move each time you act. Carrying capacity is based on Strength and rough categories.

Shootin' and Fightin'

Use the Phudge rules.


All damage done is assessed against the charcters Phudge Damage Track as noted during character creation.

Wind - Scratches represent Wind so ignore the Wind component of damage unless the damage is only to Wind, in which case it does one Scratch for every D6 or part thereof.
Treat costs in Wind, such as for Hexes, the same as damage only to wind.

Healing - One Scratch is healed every 4 minutes. All other wounds heal at the rate of their Deadlands equivalent.

Wound Fudge
Very Hurt
Near Death
Wound Dice Penalty-1 Dice2 Dice3 Dice4 Dice

Higher wound levels will cause wound dice penalties. Wound Dice are Fudge dice which are only counted if they come up showing [-], they are added to all dice rolls for the character. (Wound Dice penalties are not cumulative, use the worst wound).

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