PHUDGE Deadlands

* The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of * - Creating Characters

The various Phudge Deadlands character sheets available are:

Attributes (Traits)

The Deadlands Traits map to the Phudge Attributes as shown below.

AgilityDeftness, Nimbleness, Quickness
PerceptionCognition, Knowledge, Smarts
WillpowerMien, Spirit

Draw 6 cards as normal for Deadlands, discard 1 (except a 2 or Joker) and use the table below to interpret the rest and assign values to the 5 Phudge Attributes. Then draw another six cards and note if any of them is a Joker (to maintain the same chance of a Mysterious Past).

Suit 23 to 89 to Jack Queen, KingAce Joker
Spade or Heart MediocreFairGoodGreatSuperb Superb
(mysterious past)
Diamond or Club PoorMediocreFairGoodGreat

Wind and Damage

Use the standard Phudge Damage Track except that the number of Scratch boxes a character has depends on the characters Deadlands Wind rating. Scratches represent Wind at a ratio of one Scratch for every three wind, instead of having a Wind total.

Use the table below to determine the number of scratches a character has.

Average Health/WillpowerLower than FairFairFair to Good
Good to GreatGreat
Great to Superb

Skills (Aptitudes)

Skills (Aptitudes) have no connection to any Trait and most default to Poor, except for Hexes, Miracles and Rituals which have no default.

Skills used to be chosen using my Phudge variation of the Five Point Fudge character creation system but are now chosen as for the Phudge basic character creation.

Select one of the Skill Groups below to be your Primary Group. Skills in this group may be raised as high as Superb.

Select a second Skill Group as your Secondary Group. Skills in this group may be raised as high as Good.

All other skills may only be raised as high as Fair.

Add 25 levels to whichever Skills or Powers you want, observing the limits above. The first level makes a Skill or Power Mediocre.

Groups have no effect once play begins.

Skill Groups

Skills marked with * are available in more than one group.

Skills followed by [ Concentration1, Concentration2 ] require an area of that skill to be chosen as the main area of the characters skill, all other areas are automatically one level lower.
Additional Concentrations may be raised to the main level at a cost of one level each.

(e.g. Taking Shootin':[ Pistol ] at Good means all other Shootin' concentrations are automatically at Fair).

Fightin' Skills

Artillery: [ Cannons, Gatling Guns, Rockets ]
Fightin': [ Boxin', Brawlin', Fencin', Knife, Lariat, Sword, Whip, Wrasslin' ]
Quick Draw: [ Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Sword, others ]
Shootin': [ Automatics, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun ]
Speed Load: [ Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun ]
Throwin': [ Balanced, Unbalanced ]

Outdoor Skills

Animal Handlin': [ Bronco Bustin', Dog Training ]
Area Knowledge: County
Area Knowledge: State
Area Knowledge: Region
Horse Ridin'
Survival: [ Desert, Mountain, other ]

People Skills

*Language: one skill per Language or Sign Language

Professional and City Skills

Area Knowledge: Choose a Town
Arts: [ Painting, Sculpting, Sketching ]
*Academia: Philosophy
*Academia: History
*Academia: Occult
*Academia: Choose another area
Medicine: [ General, Surgery, Veterinary ]
Performin': [ Acting, Singing ]
Professional: Journalism
Professional: Law
Professional: Military
Professional: Photography
Professional: Politics
Professional: Theology
Professional: Choose another area
*Science: [ General, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics ]
Trade: Blacksmithing
Trade: Carpentry
Trade: Seamanship
Trade: Mining
Trade: Undertaking
Trade: Choose another area

Sneaky Skills

Sleight o' Hand

Blessed Skills
(Requires the Edge - Arcane Background: Blessed)
Faith (required)
Professional: Theology
- Each Miracle is a Skill -
  • Exorcism
  • Holy Roller
  • Inspiration
  • Lay on Hands
  • Protection (required)
  • Sacrifice
  • Sanctify
  • Smite
  • Succor
Huckster Skills
(Requires the Edge - Arcane Background: Huckster)
(Tricks from Hucksters & Hexes may be bought for one level)
*Academia: Occult (required)
- Each Hex is a Skill -
  • Call o' the Wild
  • Corporeal Tweak
  • Corporeal Twist
  • Earshot
  • Helpin' Hand
  • Hunch
  • Mind Tweak
  • Mind Twist
  • Missed Me!
  • Phantom Fingers
  • Private Eye
  • Shadow Man
  • Shadow Walk
  • Soul Blast
  • Texas Twister
  • Trinkets
Mad Scientist Skills

(Requires the Edge - Arcane Background: Mad Scientist)
*Academia: Philosophy
*Academia: History
*Academia: Occult
*Academia: Choose another area
Drivin': [ Ornithopter, Steam Boat, Steam Wagon, others ]
*Science: [ General, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics ] (required)

Shaman Skills

(A Shaman requires the Edge - Arcane Background: Shaman. A Warrior does not require the Edge but may not take this group as Primary or Secondary)
*Academia: Occult
Faith (required for warrior)
*Language: Indian Sign
- Each Ritual is a Skill - Choose one favour for each level above Poor in your highest Ritual

  • Dance
  • Fast
  • Maim
  • Paint
  • Pledge
  • Scar
  • Tattoo

Gifts and Faults (Hindrances and Edges)

Buy these using the Deadlands rules.

Below are some of the modified effects for Edges and Hindrances - the modifier conversion rules should cover a good chunk of the Edges and Hindrances though.

Edge: Luck o' the Irish/Hopi/Mexicans

This Edge will work in the same way as the Phudge Gift Lucky.

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