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* Dispatches from the Darkness *

Dispatches - Volume One - Volume Two

Volume One - Gathering in Coppertown

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Published November 16, '99

After receiving letter from his union organiser friend Jose Green, Wilde Oscar headed to Coppertown, New Mexico.

In Silver City he met John Phillipe who was tracking Black Feetla - the man who killed his family. They agreed to take the road to Coppertown together - despite warnings from the locals that it was dangerous. Along the way they encountered a Badlands Devil Bat, shat themselves and Wilde Oscar was dropped from a great height as the creature was killed.

Meanwhile The Tinkerin' Kid was on a train from Boston ...

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Chapter 2 - The Tinkerin' Kid Arrives

Published November 30, '99

The Kid caught up with his Uncle Oscar at the Empire Hotel and was introduced to John Phillipe. They had dinner at the hotel with Tyler Freeborn who has recently hurt his arm investigating some local ruins. John Phillipe tried to heal Tyler's arm but things went awry and the arm broke in two more places. Mr Freeborn rushed off to the town Dentist to have his arm fixed properly.

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Chapter 3 - Strange Indian Behaviour

Published January 18, '00

Special Guest: Hakoo the indian brave.

Hakoo tracked the stranger who followed those who defiled his people's territory and much hijinks ensued with fake dynamite, Sheriff Butley and Deputy Earl in the Empire Hotel.

The Kid made a mess trying to build his Saddle Bag Locks invention and a pair of red blinking eyes watched him from the corner of the room ...

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Chapter 4 - Gremlin's and the Man in the Stovepipe Hat

Published February 15, '00

The Kid had a scary encounter with a 'Gremlin' in his room and saw a mysterious man in a black stove-pipe hat outside.

A gang of thugs arrived in town proclaiming to have killed the very same Devil Bat that John Phillipe had dispatched several days earlier. A shootout ensued and the thugs were dispatched.

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Chapter 5 - The Miner's Day Off

Published February 29, '00

The next day, Saturday, the miners returned to town to spend their hard earned money. After a stand-off with the mine overseers the posse met with Jose Green who told them of the goings on at the mines. They spent the night in the miners ghetto.

In the morning Oscar and John Phillipe went to church and met a very drunk Father O'Leary. Meanwhile the Kid snuck off to scrounge stuff and was given a note that said:

If you want to know what's really going on in town meet me in the hills north of the church tomorrow night.

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Chapter 6 - Gunfights and Clockwork 'Gnomes'

Published March 14, '00

On returning to the Empire the posse was called out and Oscar easily cleaned up two opponents out front while John Phillipe chased a mysterious mechanical into their rooms and destroyed it. Noticing a man in a stove-pipe hat trying to sneak away he used his huckster skills to call down hellfire on him. Investigating the blast zone showed crawling tracks that led to some strange steam engine tracks that headed off in the direction of Mimbres.

The posse decided to rest the night and set off after the steam wagon in the morning. That night the Kid finished his Hawk-Eyes invention.

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Chapter 7 - The Road to Mimbres

Published May 9, '00

On the road to Mimbres the posse was attacked by a pair of wall crawlers. After blowin' one to bits with dynamite and gunning the other down Oscar and the Kid noticed that John Phillipe had failed to return after stepping into a shadow.


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